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ADFS "2" at TechEd Europe

ADFS "2" at TechEd Europe

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After Japan, this year I have the pleasure to present also at TechEd Europe in Barcelona.

I have a breakout session (SBP309) on Thursday morning, and an interactive session (SBP11-IS) around lunch time.
From the title & abstract it may seem your typical CardSpace session, however... there's a twist! I will actually have the chance to give a sneak peek of ADFS "2", and specifically some of the features of its developer framework. I am really happy about it!
In official terms: ADFS “2” is a codename for a project in which we are developing our next generation claims based identity & federation technologies in support to the industry vision for an Identity Metasystem: it includes a server component and a developer framework.

This edition of TechEd is full of great sessions about CardSpace, almost all of them taking place before mine: hence I think that the audience will come with already a good idea of what CardSpace is and what it is useful for. If I will get a good feeling about it, I will glide fast over the deck (which is quite complete, for your reference after the event) and spend more time on the demos; we'll see.

Also, I don't plan to spend a lot of time on WCF apart from the STS aspects; it's actually my pet tech, since I am more confident when I reason around holder of key rather than token bearer, but I believe that going though the classical scenarios will bring more value to the audience.

I am looking forward for the interactive session, too. They are always fantastic chances of learning about new interesting scenarios, and going deep in interactive fashion (as opposed to the generic broadcast of the classic breakouts) is actually what I enjoy the most.

During the conference I will also spend a lot of time at the booth and around the conference floor in general: if you want to ask me something please go ahead, don't be intimidated by my hairy figure :).


After TechEd I am going to visit some of our offices around EU; namely Amsterdam, Brussels and.. Reykjavik! I am looking forward to Amsterdam and Brussels, of course, and I am really really excited to go to Iceland. I've read a bit about it in an excellent book, and I am in love with their land already. I will have a pretty tight schedule everywhere, I'm afraid, but if you have business there and you'd like to organize a meeting please try to contact me. No promises, but I'll do my best to fit everything in!


  • Immediately after IDWorld I will fly to Malmö, Sweden, where I will present a session "Identity

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