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I know, with all this new distribution channels, new media, CTPs, rough cuts & similar the moment of publishing something blurred, hence lost a bit of its ceremonial aspect; and yet, it's a very important event for a book... also because it is the moment from which the availability of printed copies begins. While I reserve the Veuve Clicquot for when I'll put my fangs on my author's printed copy, the least I can do is celebrating the publication with a blog post :-)

Amazon maintains that the publication date is January the 6th, however the switch from "Preorder" to "Add to Shopping Cart" happened slightly later. Naturally we obsessively F5-ed the page since then, to see how things were going (are all authors like that at first?), and how things evolved truly surprised us:


Only 1 copy left in stock, and just in few hours!

Well, not knowing how many copies Amazon got for the first batch we can't really quantify the phenomenon. Yet, making some general supply chain management consideration I'd infer that more people wanted the book than Amazon estimated at first; and that's enough for making me happy :-)

Dear reader, I have to apologize with you. I know I blogged a lot about the book already, and I foresee I'll have the tendency of doing more of it in the near future. It's that it was a lot of work, and took a long time to come out; and now that we are finally there, I just can't help blabbering about it and exchanging tons of mails with Caleb and Garrett on the smallest details... I can assure you, my wife and colleagues are having a much worse time than you! Especially the super patient Ryan, seasoned AW author, whom I bug on daily basis on this topic. Hang on just a little more :-)

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