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Brief video interview on TechEd Live New Zealand

Brief video interview on TechEd Live New Zealand

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Greetings from the far New Zealand :-) this is a great place, I wish I'd have more time to look around. I compensated by spending a stupid amount of money in souvenirs (all bought in about 20 mins, so without much judgement (if ever)). Yesterday I had my session on Cloud & Identity, and in few mins I'll have the one about Zermatt. While I wait to get to the podium, I'm typing this quick post to point you to a brief video interview I had with the excellent Mark Carroll: you can find it on the TechEd Live pages.

Boy, I sure gesticulate a lot :-) you know how the old saying goes: if you want to reduce an Italian to silence, just tie his hands!

(BTW: happy Labor Day for ev'body in the US)

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