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PDC2008: Come to the Identity booth!

PDC2008: Come to the Identity booth!

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Identity is everywhere at this PDC2008! After the keynotes and the many breakouts, let me introduce you to the Booth. We are in the Big Room, on your right, and we are easily recognizable thanks to 1) the big "Identity for software+services" signage and 2) the fashionable pistacchio shirts we drape ourselves in.

The booth has staff from DPE|Identity, from the federated identity group, from the Live Services group and from the .NET services. There's always a lot of people there super-eager to introduce you to the glamorous world of identity, and delve into the details of the new products we announced this week. Above there's a snapshot of the people you can find there this morning. Form left to right:

  • Matt Steele. Ask him about Geneva Server, then try to make him stop. Seriously, GREAT guy.
  • Micah LaNasa. Inflexible booth shifts controller. Implements IStarbucksCardFactory.
  • Vittorio Bertocci, AKA Vibro.NET. For more info click here
  • Donovan Follette. ADFS guru, the true engine behind the Big Demo (more on this later)
  • Tom Mereckis. Marketing mastermind, fearless paladin of the Claim Based Access initiative
  • Caleb Baker. Author and speaker extraordinaire
  • Liam Price. Live maven, knows everything about the new Live Services

Not show in the picture (because they were with customers, while we were slacking & taking the picture):

  • Rich Randall. Dev lean on CardSpace, tomorrow he'll unveil in more details CardSpace "geneva"
  • Marc Goodner. Historical WS-* figure, ask him for some anecdote

And this is just the morning shift! In rotation you can meet many others: Jan, Stuart, Bo, Rakesh, Govind, Sesha... this is a great chance for having direct access to some of the deepest thinkers in this area. Come on, those guys write the product! Don't pass the chance to tap on their expertise. Also, we'll be around this night at the ATE. See you here!

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