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Let's see if you figure this out...

Let's see if you figure this out...

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...did you? :-) The trick is simple: the images below are generated via Microsoft Tag technology. For a lenghtier explanation, see




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  • You are evil.  EVIL I say....


  • And work much like

  • Let me spend few mins to write a lunch time post for giving the solution to yesterday's riddle , reported

  • Hi Andrew.

    This is similar to tinyurl in the sense that it is a service that has the ability of redirecting you to an URI that would have been much harder to type in; of course the fruition model and usage scenarios are substantially different. The tags are part of a service with a wider scope, which offers to businesses tools such as reporting that are key for assessing the effectiveness of a campaign or similar: gathering usage statistics is necessary for offering that kind of service, hence I am not sure if the "but" applies :-) but then again I am not associated in any way with the Tag team, hence all those are JUST my PERSONAL views & opinions

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