Tomorrow morning I have my flight to Beijing, where I'll spend Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday spreading some Azure & Identity love. Wednesday night I have a redeye to Singapore where I'll do some more identity work and hopefully meet some old friends, like the mighty SG AE Linda: she was so nice to set me up for talking about the .NET Access Control service at the Live-it-up! event on Friday night. Last time I was in Singapore was pre-PDC, and I had to bite my tongue very hard for not spelling the beans on the services... but now that it's all public, we can finally drill down in it: a last effort before the Chinese New Year's vacation!

Needless to say, I can't wait to get both to Beijing and Singapore and hear your questions and adoption stories: I am so looking forward to it that I am here blogging about it instead of processing the enormous mail backlog that is waiting for me in my inbox... oh well! See you there!


(*) It took me a good 10 mins for writing the above. Yes, after years I have yet to study written Chinese SERIOUSLY...  same for physical activity and many other new year's resolutions..