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Geneva Beta 2 is out!

Geneva Beta 2 is out!

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Ahh, *FINALLY* I can talk about it!

Few minutes ago we announced from the Forefront blog the availability of the beta 2 release of the “Geneva” products: “Geneva” Framework, “Geneva” Server and Windows CardSpace “Geneva”.

The new beta introduces new features, such as the seamless integration with Visual Studio, which make even easier for developers to take advantage of identity capabilities without being exposed to unnecessary complexity; or the new claims transformation language, which has no counterpart in competitor’s products and gives unprecedented expressive power to system administrators. All awesome stuff :-) Donovan and I worked around the clock for welcoming this new important release with adequate pomp: specifically, today we are releasing the Developer Identity Training Kit and we just opened the Geneva Beta 2 Week Special on the Id Element; follow the links for knowing more about it!

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