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  • Blog Post: Hide svc extension from your REST services with the URLrewrite module for IIS7

    I am now focusing exclusively on identity & services, true, but certain news about former interests of mine are just too good not to share. While evangelizing the web capabilities of WCF introduced in the framework 3.5, one of the most recurring questions was about hiding the svc extension for WCF...
  • Blog Post: WCF & REST at MIX08: The Tale of MySpace APIs

    [Update: we received notice that not all of you were able to download the video . We fixed the issue already friday night, it should work for everybody. Enjoy! Thanks to Terje for the first headsup] Yesterday we finally had the session about the making of MySpace APIs . As you'll be able to see from...
  • Blog Post: CardSpace & surveillance

    Well, don't get fooled. I'm not going to make any big philosophical considerations about technology and privacy (though I may do that in the future), but I will talk about the little project I've put together after three gintonics & the MIX party at TAO . I am often on the road. When I am homesick...
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