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  • Blog Post: VB IDE Blog finds a new home - Please Update Your Subscriptions!

    Hi all, As of today, we are moving this blog to a new location . We've decided to merge our blogging efforts with the rest of the VB team, and thus are moving our posts to the VB Team blog . VS 2005 launches TODAY! Thus, the motivation behind merging is to create one site to be your best one-stop...
  • Blog Post: Code Snippets on Channel9

    Hi all, Ken Levy and I created a Channel9 video, which demonstrates the Code Snippets feature in VS2005. Click here to check out the 38min show. I've also blogged about this on the vbteam blog , so you can look there for more details. I hope that you will take this opportunity to learn more...
  • Blog Post: Working with Shortcut Keys

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  • Blog Post: Need to create a new file without opening a project?

    This request has been raised lately by folks working with XML, who want to create XML files without using a project. If a project is already open, then you can easily create a new file by right-clicking on the project, and selecting Add->New Item. (You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift...
  • Blog Post: Have a Question about Code Snippets? Try this FAQ!

    Try our list of Frequently Asked Questions below to answer questions that you might have about code snippets. Don't see the one you need? Then add a comment to this blog or post to the Visual Basic Forum . We'd love to hear from you! 1) What is an IntelliSense code snippet? An IntelliSense...
  • Blog Post: Visual Basic IDE Tips & Tricks... Cool Ways to Insert a Snippet into Your Code

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  • Blog Post: Code Generation for Overrides in Visual Basic .Net 2005

    Some subtle changes were made in Visual Basic .Net 2005 to make code generation of overidden methods a little easier. In Visual Basic .Net 2003 and earlier, you used the code dropdowns as in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 When overriding a Sub, a declaration stub similar to the following was generated in...
  • Blog Post: Unwinding Exceptions in VB.NET 2005

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  • Blog Post: Welcome to the Visual Basic IDE Blog!

    Welcome to the Visual Basic IDE Blog. This blog is hosted by the program managers, developers, and testers who work on the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (VB IDE). My name is Lisa Feigenbaum, and I am a Program Manager on the Team. There are many new features, as well as enhancements...
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