Hot Job Alert: Programmer/Writer opening on Visual Basic Team

Hot Job Alert: Programmer/Writer opening on Visual Basic Team

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Posted By: Jonetta Taylor, Documentation Manager

The Visual Basic User Education team has an interesting opportunity that I wanted to share with you all.  We're looking for a Visual Basic .Net application programmer who also has a flair for writing.  If you are sympathetic to the learning curve that VB programmers have and the VB style of development, this may be the job for you.  


Job Title: Programming Writer
Job Category: User Assistance & Education
Product: Visual Basic
Job Code: 112589
Location: WA - Redmond
Travel Required: 0%

Developer Tools User Education is looking for an experienced, creative writer with strong programming skills for the Visual Basic team. In this role, you'll document the Visual Basic application building process, including deployment and project design. The Visual Basic audience demands that the documentation transform complexity into can-do success. You can help if you're comfortable writing programming tasks, scenario-based help, conceptual overviews of leading-edge technologies, and code examples for developers of varying sophistication. A thorough, technical understanding of the Visual Basic language is required. If you have strong skills in another programming language too, that would be an asset. Knowledge of object-oriented programming, Automation, and COM is required. In addition, you must be a self-starter with problem-solving and ship-it skills, who can come up with a documentation plan, create a schedule, and foster working relationships with the all functional teams of the product. A successful candidate must be able to define content for both conceptual and reference material using documentation guidelines and to work from specifications, source code, header files, and other sources. Additional qualifications include a minimum of 3 years technical writing experience, and the ability to collaborate with program management, development, quality assurance, and editorial staff on issues affecting documentation content and quality. A degree in Technical Communications or Computer Science, or equivalent expertise is preferred.

If you’d like to submit your resume, you can apply for this job via the Microsoft Careers site.  The recruiter will contact you for a writing sample if your resume meets the profile. 

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  • Wow! Great job!

    Could I work from home... in Toronto? <grin>

  • Hmm... I think I should apply, that looks pretty cool... and I live in the right city already!
  • Dear Jonetta,

    If there's one place that I want to work at, it is Microsoft, Redmond. I am certain I cannot cull out in words the admiration I have for Microsoft and it's people. I look upto Microsoft as the ideal environment for programmers. I often watch the video on the Microsoft Career website where some employees reminisce their anecdotal entries into Microsoft and also how they feel working there. I've heard from Joel Spolsky through his weblog how great a place Microsoft is to be at. In the last one year, I've read countless pages on the glory of Microsoft from books like Microserfs, How to Move Mount Fuji to oblique references on employee weblogs such as those of Eric Lippert, Brad Abrams, Chris Sell's website, anecdotal account from ex-employees, and Microsoft affiliated websites such as Channel9.

    I'm excited about this opportunity at Microsoft. I believe I fit the job description and can do a superb job at writing documentation for Visual Basic. I have been developing Visual Basic applications for the last seven years and have been involved in 21 Visual Basic projects, of which I've handled many of the projects alone. I've written comprehensive documentation for some of the applications I've developed. I take keen interest in writing documentation and user manuals. I guess it comes from the long teaching experience I've had in the past.

    I'd love to offer my services to this position. I've already applied through the Microsoft Careers website for this post. I have two questions, however.

    -Would this job include writing code as well? I'd love to write code as well along with documentation. I cannot imagine myself not writing code.

    -Would the selected candidate also get to work on the upcoming tools that Microsoft is always shipping ahead?

  • The job most definitely entails writing code, both short snippets and the more extended sample variety.

    And the job focus is on upcoming product versions. Of course, we also service existing content, to fix bugs and to respond to customer suggestions and feedback.
  • Thanks for the clarification, Jonetta. Sounds the most exciting to me. Can't wait to be there.
  • Could you send your email address. Our recruiter would like to speak with you and can't find your submission. Thanks
  • Jonetta,

    My email address is SathyaishC AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk. I've recieved Holly's email and been in touch with her through the day.

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