Explanation of cross-targeting in Visual Studio

Explanation of cross-targeting in Visual Studio

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By Amanda Silver

John Rivard, one of the two tech leads on the Visual Basic team, has entered the blogosphere!  

His first post is a doosey – it explains why Visual Studio 8.0 doesn’t cross target (let you target version 1.0 and 1.1 of the CLR and version 2.0.) However, given your feedback that you’d like to take advantage of features in the new toolset without having to target the newest CLR, we’re going to be seriously tackling the cross-targeting problem. One of the things that would help us a lot is for you to tell us about your requirements for cross-targeting. Is it simply that you want to be able to E&C but write apps for 1.1? Let us know.  

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  • How about webparts development for SPS2003/WSS 2.0?
  • As a customer, I'm not interested in this cross-targeting feature. VS2003 works well for .NET 1.x, and I'd prefer to keep the current situation rather than have a more complicated and buggy VS2005, which I fear would be the outcome.
  • I would also vote no to cross-targeting.

    It seems that engineering time would be best spent on insuring the current version is clean and robust rather than adding another level of complexity to Visual Studio.
  • Seems you can't win with VB developers. On the one hand VB6 has to be supported forever; on the other hand supporting old versions within the new IDE is a bad idea.

    I'm a C# guy myself so I don't have any specific interest in how VB handles cross-targeting, other than to suggest that whatever you guys come up with, do it in a way that's shared with other framework languages so the work doesn't get done twice.

    I wish that things like the "My" namespace and the windows form application helper classes (recently featured in someone's blog about single-instance apps) had been put in the core framework, because they're just as useful from other languages (except for the magic late-binding bits on "My"; for other languages you could take a leaf out of Javascript's book and use indexers for that)
  • Remember the good old days of using #develop? How you select a drop-down to change the framework to compile against as simply as you are able to change the target processor type with VS2K5? How it follows the best practice preached to us all by MS, the premise of loose coupling rather that tight integration?
  • I'd say don't waste time going back for 1.0 & 1.1. But it would be nice for VB 8 to set a platform standard for the frame work now based on 2.0. Then build on it with future VB to handle this version of the Frame work, 2.0 and any new versions as well.
  • I get asked this all the time.  Visual Studio 2005 has many new features that would be helpful for...
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