New VB9 Bloggers

New VB9 Bloggers

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By Amanda Silver


 I just wanted to let you know that we’re working furiously on turning the VB9 features into an actual product, understanding how the debugger and editor should support them, and getting another CTP out to you all. Your feedback so far as been invaluable.  Hopefully you’ll see that we’ve responded to your feedback in the next CTP (due out this spring.) One of the things you’ll see is changes to the syntax for XML LateBinding as Avner talks about. Brian Beckman has posted some cool entries on writing a VM using VB9 and hash joins with VB9.  And Erik Meijer comes out with a gem every once in a while as a guest blogger on lambda the ultimate.


Overall, there’s been some pretty great blogging going on with regards to the new Language Integrated Query and XML features in VB9. I just wanted to point out some bloggers you should keep your eye on:


Please keep the feedback coming on the VB9 features…

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  • While it is nice that you are working on new stuff. The biggest stumbling block of VB.NET still remains its incompatibility with VB6. In particular the inability of converting over any software that uses VB6's graphics and printing capabilities. The lack of any kind of automationed help for converting procedures with GOSUBS.

    Without that those of us with existing applications can't use the old feature of VB.NET let along the new features. If you look at all the conversion examples they all are database frontend using crystal reports when they print. While that represented the most common type of programming using VB6. There is a substantial group of us who use VB6 to write traditional applications like my own CAD/CAM machine controller at

    Understand that the total lack of an upgrade path other than a re-write is forcing us to look at non-microsoft alternatives. Langauges that have a better history of maintaining compatibility than Microsoft does at the moment. If you look at the history MS-BASIC you will find that the work in converting from a mid 80's version of QuickBASIC to Visual BASIC is far less than the world converting to from VB6 to VB.NET. And sections that were pure business logic or math often converted with no issues at all.

    Even the option of using the COM interface is problematic because of inability of VB.NET to implement a COM interface that has its properties parameters declared ByRef. While it sounds like nonsense this is a result of VB6's default of using ByRef. This was an issue that none of us even considered until we tried using VB.NET to implement COM interfaces.

    Rob Conley
    Head Programmer
    Plasma Automation

  • Please check your RSS feed.  The .aspx page correctly has links to, but the RSS XML contains references to "localhost".
  • Hello do you have a date for the VB9 coming out

    I was goin to buy the Visual studio 2005 professional and i dont wana buy something that in less then a mounth it whould be obsolete

    Thank you
  • is the vb9 goin to have the same simplicity of printing capabilities that vb6 had because
    the use of printer.print "hello", Printer.EndDoc, Printer.Font
    please activate this in vb9

    thank you

    Head Programmer

  • How do I join this beta program?
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