Visual Basic Express Edition Videos

Visual Basic Express Edition Videos

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by Kathleen McGrath


Have you ever wished that you could have someone show you how to accomplish a programming task instead of having to read through the steps on how to perform the task? Or maybe you just need a little more clarification about where a particular option is located. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so imagine what a video can do.


I'm creating a series of video demonstrations that follow the Visual Basic Guided Tour in the Visual Basic Express documentation as a way to supplement the great content you'll find there. My first set of videos are based on Creating Your First Visual Basic Program.


You can watch the video for each topic individually:


Step 1: Create a Project in Visual Basic

View Video Screencast

Step 2: Create a User Interface

View Video Screencast

Step 3: Customize Looks and Behavior

View Video Screencast

Step 4: Add Visual Basic Code

View Video Screencast

Step 5: Run and Test Your Program

View Video Screencast


Or watch the entire process:


Creating Your First Visual Basic Program

View Video Screencast


Enjoy! And please feel free to send me your feedback about these video screencasts.


-- Kathleen


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  • Express For the hobbiest?

    I sincerely doubt that!

    Its just another sales ploy. lol

    Although it may include the hobbiest,

    but giving Express away for free was certainly, in my opinion,

    to scoop up the remaining VB6 devoties/stragglers and those

    finding it simply too large,  laborious,  or expensive a task to convert.

    Its no longer what you know or how fast you can learn.

    Its how quicky you can research the issue in the local or online help files.

    Because, by the time you've finished your project its time for a new language version.

    We only have a few months between releases before a new one comes along and changes again.

    And now .net 3 is close to release.

    I just don't see how anyone can run a business based on IT.

    The turn over is incrediable.  Just hire someone for a few months who has the exact experience.

    Then boot them out so yo can get ready for the next project and group of temporary developers.

    Why do we spend at least 8 hours a day at client site then another 2 to 8 hours a day at home just researching and studying to keep up?  Becaruse the industry is changing so fast so often that if you don't then they will find someone who else who is!

    Now to my point...

    Make your vidoes so we can access them quickly.

    Make a hundred 5 min videos indexed with key words so we can go to the exact one.

    Make 1 large 1 hour video that covers everything.

    Just talk fast.

    Then have it time indexed as well with key works so we can go the the exact time topic.

    There was a 1 hour newscast for OneNote where the presenter talked very fast but covered about 6 months work of research material.  It was excellent!


    @*&$!  I've just spent 8 mins away from my research and studies.

    My competition is getting ahead of me!

    Gotta get back to it...

    Professional Novice

  • Excellent videos, but I need a little bit more.

    Where could I download examples made with Visual Basic 8 Express?

  • Hi luisherdan,

    The VB Express site has additional content that you might find helpful:



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