Visual Basic 2005 Power Pack!

Visual Basic 2005 Power Pack!

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I’m excited to announce that the Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Power Pack has been released and is now available for download on MSDN!  In this release we have two components:


  • Microsoft Interop Forms Toolkit 1.0 - This toolkit is aimed at simplifying the use of Visual Basic.NET WinForms within a Visual Basic 6 application. The toolkit is targeted specifically at providing tools and guidance for performing a phased migration of a VB6 forms-based application to VB.NET. The goal of a phased migration is a production release at the end of each phase that has both VB6 and .NET forms running in the same VB6 .exe process. 

  • Microsoft PrintForm Component 1.0 - The PrintForm component is designed to bring back the ability to easily print a Windows Form. With this the new PrintForm component you can once again layout the Windows Form exactly as you want it and allow your users to print the form as a quick report. 

Both components are fully supported, and we’ve included the source code for the Interop Toolkit as well.  For more information check out


We plan to release additional components for the Power Pack in the coming months, and your feedback is an important part of the process.  Is there a specific component you’d like to see? Let us know by submitting your suggestions and voting for your favorite ideas at



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  • Is there a way to show the form as a MDI Child?
  • grauenwolf: I would like this too! Non-MDI forms can already be done easily.
  • I was talking this over with my boss today and his response was "Yea, we tried that already. Couldn't get the MDI forms to work", then he showed me a demo in VB 2003. Now I'm left looking like a fool. Don't get me wrong, the COM wrappers are really nice. But without MDI support it is pretty much a non-starter for my company.
  • Jonathon/Grauenwolf - I don't follow your comment about vb2003 - are you saying there is a demo of MDI Child forms working in vb2003, but not vb2005, using something other than com interop? You culd probably call some api's to make it look like an mdi child but I think there are significant message processing (focus & keyboard issues) when trying to interact between the forms, and no easy way to share data. This is probably a better discussion for the forums, so follow up there:
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  • You guys are amazing. as a teacher it is so much easier for students to see what is happerning by quickely print to form.

    also means that years of VB6 material doesn't have to be altered.


  • This site is very nice rathet than other sites

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