March 2007 Orcas CTP Available

March 2007 Orcas CTP Available

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The March 2007 Orcas CTP is now available for download.

You can see Soma's anouncement about it here.

This is the first Orcas CTP to include new VB 9.0 features and is the first update of VB LINQ since last year's May 2006 LINQ CTP.

Amongst a lot of other really cool Orcas stuff, this CTP includes previews of the following VB 9.0 features:

  1. Basic Query Support
  2. Object Initializers
  3. Extension Methods
  4. Type Inference
  5. Anonymous Types
  6. XML Literals
  7. XML Access Members
  8. Some Really Cool Intellisence Enhancements

You can download it here.

Also, downloading the CTP is a great way to checkout the things I've been talking about in my recent posts about extension methods.



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  • Dear sirs,

    Do I have to download this CTP to be able to use the new LINQ update? Is it possible to somehow incorporate it (update) into the existing (2005) IDE?

    Another question, not related to this CTP. I would really like to download the VS service pack, but I have the latest (standalone) LINQ CTP installed, will the LINQ features be lost when I get the compiler from the SP?



  • So... what types of cool new Intellisense features can we look forward to? I'll probably check it out later, but it would be nice to see what I have to look forward to.

  • Ulu,

    In order to access the latest VB LINQ updates you have to do download the Orcas CTP. Also, the VS 2005 service pack will replace the May 2006 LINQ bits.

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  • How will the speed be for this Visual studio version?

    VS2005 was rather slow, both the designer and the compiled program, and not much have been made to improve this.

    Will the new version be optimized for speed or has this been skipped?

    (It would be nice if there would be a version more like vb6 where the speed was tremedous, i have several times used vb6 instead of vb2005 for that matter)

  • Dan,

    Thanks for the question about perf in the next version of Visual Basic, "Orcas".  

    We've taken a lot of customer feedback on the perf of Visual Basic 2005.  We added a number of perf improvements to SP1 and integrated further improvements to Orcas.

    Our goal is to provide Whidbey or better performance in the key performance areas of Orcas.  Those key areas are:

    Compiler Throughput

    IDE Responsiveness

    Debugger Performance

    If you have feedback on the performance of Visual Basic 2005 or would like help with a perf issue, please email me at  


    Chris Mayo

    Visual Basic Program Manager

  • Any chance to get "Join" as a query expression in the next VB release? the current implementation is so 1982.

  • Jim,

    Yes. Join will be supported in Vb 9.0.

    -Scott Wisniewski

  • I found that in the "About" Box , C# 's name has changed to "C# Orcas" ,but then name of VB still is "VB 2005" . Why ?

  • In the latest VB CTP of Orcas, I can't write comments after a line-continuation character yet !

    For example:

    Dim x As New Person( _

      "Jason" , _       ' Name

      40 , _              ' Age

      Sex.Male, _      ' Sex

      "I am a student.")  'Remarks.

    The codes above is unalowd in the latest VB CTP.

    Damn! I eagerly want to comment after a line-continuation char !

  • Blue2,

    The issue with the "About" Box is a bug. Thanks for reporting it!

    Also, thanks for the feedback with regards to line continuations and comments. I will forward your request over to our language design team.


  • Please Enswer Me:

    What Is The Orcas CTP ?

    Visual Basic Developper, Please Contact Me In MSN:

    My Emails:

    Thank You !

  • I installed the vpc version of orcas march ctp.

    One anoying thing I have is the cursor is mssing is code window.

    Any fix?

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