AmandaS' LINQ talk at VSLive Orlando

AmandaS' LINQ talk at VSLive Orlando

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I escaped from Redmond this week to present at VSLive Orlando on LINQ in Visual Studio Orcas. As promised, please find the slides and demos included as an attachment below.

As mentioned during the talk – that was intended to be an overview. If you want really want to understand the nitty-gritty details behind what make LINQ possible, be certain to tune into my LINQ Deep Dive WebCast on May 23rd. If you’d like me to go into something specific during the webcast, just respond to this post. I can’t promise to get to everything in the webcast itself, but I do promise to answer any LINQ related questions in response to this post or the webcast. Be sure to pose questions to the LINQ forum if you think others might be able to help or have the same question.

Billy Hollis and Amanda Silver talking about the future of Visual Basic over a lemonade

I had a great time at VSLive today, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m looking forward to TechEd!


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  • Hi Amanda,

    I'd love to know anything you can tell me about producing new LINQ providers.



  • 前回 AnonymouseType の返却にメソッド経由で行う例を紹介しましたが、AmandaS' LINQ talk at VSLive Orlando(Visual Basic Team Blog)で紹介されている Amanda の ppt にこんな記述がありました。

  • Can you please make your Orlando VSLive deoms available for download?

  • Demos are now included! :-)

    Andrew -- stay tuned for my web cast which is coming up on May 23rd to get details on how to create your own LINQ provider.

  • I just finished my last session here at DevTeach called "The Future of Visual Basic" and it was another

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