Visual Basic Forms over Data "How-to" video series (Beth Massi)

Visual Basic Forms over Data "How-to" video series (Beth Massi)

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Friday we posted the first 8 videos of the Visual Basic Forms over Data "How-to" video series on MSDN. If you don't have the Visual Basic Dev Center as your homepage you might have missed the headline. ;-)

This how-to video series is dedicated to getting Visual Basic developers productive on areas of data-based Windows Application development. The series starts with the basics of database development with SQL-Server 2005 Express then walks through the details of connecting to and querying databases, and Windows Forms development basics using the built-in designers in Visual Basic 2005.

I plan on continuing the series with more intermediate topics like custom object binding, adding validation and business logic, and how to manage requirements changes. What kind of topics are you interested in seeing here? Post a comment or drop me a line and let me know.

Those interested in the sample code I created in this series so far, get it here.


- Beth Massi, VS Core Community

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  • Nice work, Beth!

    (And your voice sounds just fine to me - even though our recorded voice never sounds like the "me" we think we are, does it?)

  • When you create a dbml file (LINQ TO SQL), and you drop in your stored procedures, why is there no try catch to handle sql exceptions? Also why is the myDBDataContext class not implement IDisposable to use in a using statement?

  • I notice in the video that you set the City to a varchar(25) when you create dthe table, but the Stored Procedure has it as a varchar(50). Would this cause a problem?

  • thank you very much. Videos are the best way to learn. Fast and effective.

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