VB2008 Outperforms VB2005! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

VB2008 Outperforms VB2005! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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Looking for another reason to upgrade to 2008? How about performance! In addition to making tasks easier for you from release to release, another way we can save you time and make you more productive is by making the product faster! This is a goal we are very commited to on the VB team, and for which we have dedicated an entire virtual team for the Orcas release. Take a look at the stats below to see some interesting improvements.

[**DISCLAIMER: The data posted here is what I have observed from comparing 2 runs in our internal labs. These are my observations using two large customer solutions on a specific machine. Some people will have faster systems and some will have slower. Also, the work required for each operation will differ based on your solution. Thus, your results may be better or worse. The interesting thing is to look at the improvement between versions on identical hardware. I am posting this data to try and give you a general idea of the changes - but these numbers are by no means meant to be used as an industry standard.

For those interested, here's some data on the solutions and machine that I used... One solution contains 29 projects and 2772 files, with xml comments on all methods and types. The other solution used contains 783 files. The machine has the following specs: Dual Core Pentium-D - 3.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 10K RPM HD. OS=XP. These are one of many machine specifications that we use for our internal performance testing.]

Scenario VB2005 Time (ms) VB2008 Time (ms) VB2008 is x times faster than VB2005 (2005 time/ 2008 time) VB2008 takes x% as much time as VB2005 (100% * 2008 time/ 2005 time)
Build a large project (using background compilation) 222206.25 1352.88 164.25 0.61%
Build a large multi-project solution (explicit build operation) 1618604.75 57542.75 28.13 3.56%
Build a large multi-project solution (using background compilation) 222925.50 19861.88 11.22 8.91%
Responsiveness after adding a member to a class 327.00 36.50 8.96 11.16%
Responsiveness after opening a project 255551.25 38769.38 6.59 15.17%
Invoke Intellisense to see a list of types (first time) 1192.50 530.5 2.25 44.49%
Edit-and-Continue in a solution with xml comments (first time) 441.25 210.5 2.10 47.71%
Responsiveness after changing a method statement 390.25 236.38 1.65 60.57%
10 Steps in the debugger (subsequent times) 1850.75 1167.13 1.59 63.06%
Invoke Intellisense to see a list of types (subsequent times) 79.25 51.5 1.54 64.98%
F5 when the solution is already built (subsequent times) 385.20 278.7 1.38 72.35%
Item gets added to the Error List after making an error 531.25 394.5 1.35 74.26%
10 Steps in the debugger (first time) 1336.50 1150 1.16 86.05%
Responsiveness while background compiling on an open solution 4803.00 4284.75 1.12 89.21%
Load a large solution (subsequent times) 13667.5 12407.25 1.10 90.78%
Load a large solution (first time)
(Note: This is the improvement on XP. Vista has seen about twice as much improvement for the Load Solution scenario than XP. )
19946.25 18222 1.09 91.36%
** All times are found by performing operations on customer solutions. Don't you wish we were using your solution to optimize our times? Send it in so that we can optimize for you! (vbperf@microsoft.com) We are always interested to get more customer projects for our testing.

Is there another scenario you're interested that you don't see above, where you continue to experience performance lags in your regular usage of the product? Please send in repro steps so we can take a look! (vbperf@microsoft.com)

Other interesting VB2008 Performance content to check out is listed below:

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  • Hi JLRosado,

    Thanks for reporting the Ctrl+PgUp issue. We've received your bug feedback report and fixed this issue for VS2008 SP1.


    Unfortunately, we are unable to repro your compiler bug with the info given here. Can you please enter it on the same Connect feedback site with more information, so that a member of our development team can take a look?


  • Is VS2008 still changing your project configuration properties without asking you even if you don't want to?

  • Is there any such comparison for C# projects?

  • Guys have you checked the dataset designer window of the ide? In my installation, the window does not refreshes, leaving the contents of the last active window displayed when opening the dataset designer. Tables and other contents of the designer window not shown unless you click around and hitting an entry.

  • aside from microsoft where can i download the trial version of vs2008?

  • I was using VS2005 (full).  I decided to switch to VB2008 because it was supposed to be faster.

    Did not happen.  I was able to stop and start (no change in the code) in 4.1 second.  With 2008, it's 20 sec.  and worse since I installed 2008, the "original" 2005 is doing it in 15 sec (still faster than 2008).

    I am thinking about removing vb2008 and vs2005 to try get my "speed" back.  I was using VB6, the speed can not compare at all.  I agree VS2005 is doing a lot more but I like to try and see while I am doing code.  With VB2008, it's almost impossible.


  • ¿ No te has migrado a VS2008 ? VS2008 trae una serie de nuevas características muy chidas,

  • I personally prefer C# over VB.NET, however the gestapo of decision making where I work have declared

  • Hi (VB.Net, ASP.Net environment)

    I was very disappointed with VS2005 (slow IDE performance, disappearing IDE,  constant crashes, delays, etc.)  

    VS2008 - slower IDE (don't know what's always going on in the background), but I type and wait...click and wait...type and wait...very very very frustrating...  

    I turned off formatting and validation.  Stay away from design view and try to keep the toolbox and solution viewer closed.  Still performance issues.  Oh yeah, if I close VS and re-open, the options I turned off are right back on.  

    My productivity has probably gone down no less than 50% due to performance issues alone and several members of my dev team have resorted to simple text editors to avoid using the IDE.    

    Great new features, but performance just keeps getting worse with each release of Visual Studio .Net.  At this rate, I'm not sure what the future holds for the Visual Studio platform as a premier development tool as there's no question that many developers have posted concerns about it's performance.  I still look forward to something better, but for now we have to just settle for slower perfornace and lower productivity.  Hopefully something better (patch, anything) is on it's way in the very near future.

  • For those who asked about data improvements, please see the ADO.Net team post here:


  • We are noticing 2008 is about 3x slower opening our solutions. They are a mix of vb and c# projects. Are there any setting changes to speed this up?

  • Vous cherchez encore une ou plusieurs bonnes raisons pour passer de Visual Studio / Visual Basic 2005

  • I'm experiencing big slowdown of VS 2008 / VB 9 for project with ~100 files.

    Details here: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=324604.

    Its really unusable.

  • You can see many tests from MS about VB2005 and VB2008, great comparations. http://blogs.msdn.com/vbteam/archive/2008/01/04/vb2008-outperforms-vb2005-lisa-feigenbaum.aspx...

  • VB2008 にアップグレードすべきかどうかお悩みの方は、パフォーマンスの違いを検討してみてください。VB チームでは、新しいリリースごとに操作性の向上を実現するだけでなく、処理速度を速くすることで、時間の節約と生産性の向上にも役立てたいと考えています。これが私たちの目標であり、Orcas

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