Petzold WPF Book Sample Conversion - New Chapters (Young Joo)

Petzold WPF Book Sample Conversion - New Chapters (Young Joo)

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Happy new year!  Hope you enjoyed your holiday break!  And hopefully you found some time to read Petzold's book and try out VB samples we've posted so far.  :)

Evan and Ged had been working very hard to convert rest of chapters throughout December and I just posted Chapters 13 - 24 to Applications = Code + Markup (Charles Petzold) Visual Basic Code Sample page.  We also have several more chapters converted but since we have a couple of chapters missing between sets, I will hold off posting them until we have those missing chapters ready.

I've also added a link to the single download file that contains all chapters converted so far.  This should make the download much easier for you.  The linked file will be updated as I post subsequent chapters.


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