Did you know? VB IntelliSense now filters as you type! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Did you know? VB IntelliSense now filters as you type! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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Our goal in designing VB2008 IntelliSense was to make users of the feature the most productive that they could be. One problem we found in watching people use the feature, is that sometimes intelliSense displays so many items that it is hard to know whether or not you're close to the item you're looking for. You basically have to read them all of them to know. (Not very time-efficient...) Thus, we added a new feature in VB2008 IntelliSense to make the list filter-as-you-type. Here's an illustration:

Let's consider that I am looking for a control named "lblTotalNum". I start typing letter by letter... When I type the first letter, the full list comes up so that I have an opportunity to see everything there.

When I type subsequent letters, the list filters down to only those items which start with the prefix I typed.

At this point, I can easily see that 'lblTotalNum' is the next item in the list, so I stop typing and arrow down to select it.

This has been a long-time feature request, so I hope that you will enjoy it! :)

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  • I noticed that yesterday, and while I think it is mostly good, I found it somewhat annoying in the particular instance where I want to write 1 line of code for each property of an object.   Before, I could type the first letter of the previous property, and then just scroll down to the next.  But now, it is much harder.

    Perhaps if the filtering was a tad-less aggressive (>= instead of LIKE)

  • Wonderful!  I've wanted this feature for several years.  Is it an option?  Some people might get annoyed by it and wish to disable it.

    Keep up the great work!

  • VB2008 intellisense filters data as you type not just by first letter. Check out this cool feature which

  • is there any config from where we can turn it on and off?

  • My first thought when I heard about this was "Wow, that sounds like it'll be really slow."  And instead, it's lightning fast!

  • It should be able to be turn on, or off (that future) in a options (somewhere) so if people like the guy had some hard time with that future, could be able to adjust it to be off.

    But I think that future is great!!!

  • I love it and hate it at the same time, but mostly love it. I would be happiest if there was a feature similar to the Ctrl key and transparency that turned the filter on and off. Keep it on by default but allow us to un-filter if needed without backspacing.

  • There is no current option to turn the filtering on or off. But if you press Ctrl+J at any time, that will give you the full list. That is one way you can toggle. Backspacing will also switch to the full list.



  • Ctrl+J - I'm completey happy now! Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I, Rajeev Jain, am writing a book for school students in India in which Visual Basic is the main programming languages. This is as per Indian CBSE syllabus. For this I have downloaded the Express Edition of VB 2008.

    My sincere apologies for using this medium to contact you as I have no others option to reach you or the concerned person. I wanted to check if I am allowed to distribute the VB Express edition to Indian school students or not? Also, is there any possibility that I get some help from Microsoft to promote the Visual Basic education in Indian School and Colleges?

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  • I just arrived back from my trip from Asia, and decided to celebrate (since I'm jet-lagged and can't

  • I've been using Visual Assist X for awhile for essentially a single feature. Filtering. I like the way they filter far more than the way Visual Studio does.

    Instead of assuming I know how the variable, propery, method, etc. starts, they let you type any part of it, including acronyms.  This has saved me a tremendous amount of time and I really wish that it was built into Visual Studio (add-ins always seem to cause more problems than they are worth).

    If you want to know more about how Visual Assist X works, I've blogged about it on my website (http://www.redwerb.com/blogs/redwerb/archive/2007/04/13/visual-assist-x.aspx).

  • VB2008 の IntelliSense の設計目標は、この機能を使うユーザーの生産性を最大限に高めることでした。ユーザーがこの機能を使うときの問題点の 1 つは、 IntelliSense であまりにも多くの入力候補が表示されるため、目的の項目に近づいているかどうかを判断するのが難しいことでした。基本的には、すべての入力候補を読んで確認する必要がありました。これでは効率的とは言い難いですよね。この問題を解決するため、

  • hate it most of the time, it slows me down, hope you give the users the option to turn it off and just pop up when i press ctrl+space

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