New Community Article - Windows Workflow 101 (Beth Massi)

New Community Article - Windows Workflow 101 (Beth Massi)

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Yesterday on the Visual Basic Developer Center we released a new article by VB MVP, Maurice DeBeijer on getting started with Windows Workflow called Windows Workflow 101. This is the first in a series of Workflow articles by Maurice. If you're struggling with how to use this technology in your applications this is a great place to start. The next couple articles will explore more advanced senarios and building custom activities. Thanks Maurice!

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community


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  • [ 原文作者 ]: Beth Massi [ 原文链接 ]: New Community Article - Windows Workflow 101 (Beth Massi) 昨天我们在 Visual

  • hi , my name is  saleem

    can you answer my qestions please

    1- i made a simple media player to play sound and video i just want to know how can i get all file names

    i selected and pressed enter

    i tried a startupnextinstance event

    and i got all file names but this was a very slow way and doesn't work well when you have alot of files (more than 100)

    i think i should use somthing exist in windows

    i think  somthing related to user32.dll or another file

    please can you tell me what the way is

    ( i want the same way that is used in windows media player to open many files)

    2-i can drag and drop files from explorer to my play list using dragdrop event but this doesn't work when i drag files from openfiledialog to my playlist

    my listbox doesn't feel dragdrop event

    3- hoe can i next the song using nextmediabutton

    while my application is minimized and i am working  on another program

    4- sorry if my English is not very good

    and thank you for every thing

  • I'd like to see much more in this area since it has a lot of promise.  Some ideas:to show as different sample programs:

    - A sequential workflow with 4 states executed sequentially

    - A workflow with 2 sequential initiialization states floowed by a loop containing 3 state, followed by 2 states for application shutdown

    - A simple workflow showing how to do a case statement with 4 different cases using if/then/else, if then else...

    - How to handle errors (i.e, how to setup a global error handler state that cleans up an application from any unhandled error in any one of the states in the application).

    That list is sounding like a workflow patterns how to list of topics......

    I've done a couple simple workflows but the workflow designer user interface was difficult to  use .

  • Hi Beth,

    I've actually just started learning workflow this past week and, low and behold, you blogged on it!

    I'm really liking workflow so far but have a question for you--Why is the developer experience with workflow so non-VB?  For example, a code activity's event handler doesn't use the Handles key word.  I can manually edit the designer file and declare the code activities with the WithEvents key word and add the Handles clause to the event handlers then remove the AddHandler statement.  But it is too much work.  There are other nuances that just don't feel right.

    Win forms and Web forms both have a consistent VB feel but workflow doesn't.

  • Please blog about or enhance the MSDN documentation topics for workflow as there has been a slow trickle of new articles in recent months.  The videos are helpful but written articles  are more useful in the long run as they can be promoted to MSDN topics, .NET framework reference examples, etc...

  • VB MVP の Maurice DeBeijer が用意した、 Windows Workflow 101 ( 英語 ) の基本についての新しい記事を、昨日 Visual Basic デベロッパー センター

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