Language Futures Page on Code Gallery (Beth Massi)

Language Futures Page on Code Gallery (Beth Massi)

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Go take an early peak at what the VB and C# teams are cooking up for the next version by visiting the Language Futures page on Code Gallery. Code Gallery is not just about samples. It also allows us to host threaded discussions and the teams want your feedback on some features they are considering for the next version of Visual Studio. Charlie has moved his Future Focus blog discussions into this Code Gallery page as well so that all the teams can engage with the community on these early ideas together.

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community

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  • A very long time ago I ran a VB support BBS, simply because there was no community support.

    It's exciting to see all the great community endeavors that exist now.



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  • I'd like to see much deeper static analysis of code and FxCop type of checks.  This would help us greatly to find errors, clean up bloated code and help reduce costs for maintaining it.  I'd suggest looking at some of the static analysis tools in the C++ world for examples of what to check (especially in the embedded C++ world).  Some of the tools are 20+ years old and extremely good at finding obscure bugs.

    I'd also like an IDE in VS for TSQL code with refactoring support as well as compilation (e.g., detect unreferenced variables, parameters).

  • VB チームと C# チームが次のバージョンに向けてどのような作業をしているかを、 コード ギャラリーの「 Language Futures 」ページ ( 英語 ) でいち早くご覧いただけます。 コード

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