Do you have an opinion about Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content?

Do you have an opinion about Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content?

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Our Help content architect, Kathleen McGrath, has created a short, anonymous survey (15 questions/10 mins.) to gather input on how and when the Visual Studio and .NET Framework developer Help content is used, how satisfied you are with it, and about areas that need improvement:

Link to the Visual Studio and .NET Framework Developer Documentation Survey

(Kathleen will also be taking this survey with her to TechEd in June.)

The focus of this survey is content improvement. We want to learn more about the types of applications you're creating, the tools/technologies you're using, and how we can improve our content and code examples to help you achieve your goals.

Thanks in advance for participating!

- Norm Estabrook, Programming Writer

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  • My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio. Carlos Quintero posted links to help solve a System.UnauthorizedAccessException when registering a Visual Studio add-in for COM Interop

  • I want to join with the team to get help for developping 2003 solutions.

  • I've left feedback/rating on dozens of .NET framework methods with suggestions for better examples as well as suggestions for better explaining how to use the method.  That feedback has not resulted in them being updated (e.g., code samples) even though the feedback is 12+ months old.  

    Do the documentation guys just ignore comments on the existing .NET framework if MS is within X months of releasing a new version of the framework?

    For example, find the framework method for image file creation and then track down how to a) open a jpeg file, b) set the quality setting to 70, and then c) save it as a different jpeg file.

    The .NET framework documentation does not even link the topics you need to read to do this common jpeg operation together.

    Is this because audio, video, and imaging are unknown to most MSDN tech writers?

  • Visual Studio と .NET Framework の開発者向けヘルプ コンテンツがいつどのように使用されているか、利用者の満足度、および改善が必要な領域について情報を収集するために、ヘルプ

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