VB Video Tutorials on ASP.Net Dynamic Data (Lisa Feigenbaum)

VB Video Tutorials on ASP.Net Dynamic Data (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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Bill Burrows, VB MVP, has released some great videos on the ASP.Net Dynamic Data features that were added in VS2008 SP1. What is Dynamic Data?

"ASP.Net Dynamic Data provides a framework that enables you to quickly build a functional data-driven application, based on a LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework data model. It also adds great flexibility and functionality to the DetailsView, FormView, GridView, and ListView controls in the form of smart validaton and the ability to easily change the display of these controls using templates."

Bill's videos demonstrate the variety of tasks and customizations that you can do using this framework.


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  • I was trying out Scott Guthrie's DiggSample Silverlight tutorials. He did them in C# and I thought I would try and get them working in VB.

    I got stuck on his third tutorial because I could not use:

    Imports System.Xml.Linq

    for the Client side in VB. This works fine in a C# project.

    Have Microsoft made VB a second class citizen in this instance?

  • Hi Colin,

    I think you just need to check your references and target framework. Make sure you have a reference to System.Xml.Linq and set the target framework to 3.5. This is done on the compile tab of the project settings, then select advanced compile options. You should see the target framework at the bottom of the screen.



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