Did you know there's a VB user group meeting each month at Microsoft Redmond? (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Did you know there's a VB user group meeting each month at Microsoft Redmond? (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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That's right... Just downstairs from our offices there is a VB user group that meets the fourth Monday each month. It's let by Robert Green, a former Microsoft employee, who used to work on the VB team! There are a lot of Microsoft speakers at this user group, so if you live in the area it's a great way to meet some folks on the team, and tell us what you think about Visual Basic!

The user group website is here: http://www.dotnetda.com/

Usual agenda is below...

6:30PM Come Early for Pizza!

The .NET Developers Association will provide pizza before the event.
The beverages and meeting site are provided by the Microsoft Corporation.

7:00PM Introductions, Announcements, & Job Offers

A brief description of the upcoming events and happenings within the .NET Developers Association. Opportunities to announce job offers and work requests are given to audience members.

7:15PM Spotlight Presentation

Presentations will cover a range of topics in .NET. Take a look at the website for some examples of past presentations.

9:00PM Tonight's Prizes

Door prizes will be raffled to .NET DA Members in attendance at the end of the meeting. 

9:15PM Informal Gathering at Red Robin

After the meeting, everyone is welcome to gather at Red Robin in Redmond, near the Bellevue Fred Meyer and Redmond Sears on the corner of 148th and NE 24th.

Also check the website for other Monday night events, which cover different .NET topics.

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  • I wrote a program in Excel 2003 (In VB) and converted it into Excel 2007 In less than a day - with no errors in the results.

    I tried to convert it into Visual Basic Express 2008 and had several hundred errors (with option strict on).  Now 3 weeks later, I corrected most of the errors but the program (results) doesn't work correctly.  

    The screen (form) looks great

    The new changes I made work

    There was only 1 error out of 320 tries that failed in the first converion (with explicit on).

    I created a series of versions along the way but - somehow - things are not linked correctly.  

    They all seem to be pointing to the last version- which has about 30 errors in the results.

    I'm ready to retry from scratch - but - I shouldn't have to.  

    What does save form do?

    What does save all do?

    What does Export Template Do?

    How is the Form and Form designer linked?

    What do Build and Publish Do?

    How can I increase the number of error shown from 102 to all?

    What is the replacement for instr?  

    I tried indexof but it creates errors if the search string is null.  (Program Crashes).

    I started with Basica, then Visual Basic 2, then used Visual Basic 6 .  I hate Visual Basic Express 2008.

    My email address is greenn1949@yahoo.com

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