Channel9 series: Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 Week! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Channel9 series: Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 Week! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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There's a great Channel9 series that was recently released, with lots of videos on what to look forward to in VS 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0! The landing page is here; full lineup is below.

Intro (Monday, November 10th):
- Visual Studio 2010 Overview, Jason Zander
- Key Themes for Visual Studio 2010, Soma
- Lab Management in Visual Studio Team System 2010

Languages Day (Tuesday, November 11th):
- C# 4.0 Implementation and Design Questions, Anders Hejlsberg
- VB 10, Lucian Wischik
- C++ 10: 10 is the new 6, Amit Mohindra

The IDE (Wednesday, November 12th):
- Being Code-Focused with Visual Studio 2010, Karen Liu
- Test-Driven Development and Visual Studio 2010, Karen Liu
- Future of Visual Studio Extensibility, Rico Mariani

Concurrency and Parallelism (Thursday, November 13th):
- Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework 4.0, Stephen Toub
- Parallel Patterns Library (Native Parallelism), Rick Molloy
- Parallel Debugging Tools in Visual Studio 2010, Daniel Moth

Web Tools (Friday, October 3rd):
- Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010, Reza Chitsaz
- Web Development and Deployment with Visual Studio 2010, Vishal Joshi

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  • after watching lucian's vb10 language specification i can see vb10 won't have any new language inovations, but merely more shortcuts for doing the same things we've been able to do with a little less typing (ie: initializing, line breaks etc)....

  • My personal favorites from the Channel9 series are the ones that are about <a href="">Web Tools</a>....I mean the others are great as well..but I am kind of a Web man

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