CodeRush Xpress Released Today! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

CodeRush Xpress Released Today! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

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CodeRush Xpress is a FREE Visual Studio 2008 add-in containing 60+ refactorings, 7 editing features, and full support for C# and Visual Basic.

Download here

CodeRush Xpress includes the following features.

  • Duplicate Line
  • Highlight All References
  • Increase or Reduce Selection
  • Smart Clipboard Operations
  • Generate from Using (TDD)
  • Quick Navigation Window
  • Quick File Navigation

In addition, you receive the following refactorings.

Add Parameter
Create Overload
Create With Statement
Encapsulate Field
Encapsulate Field (read only)
Extract Interface
Extract Method
Extract Property
Extract XML Literal to Resource
Flatten Conditional
Introduce Constant
Introduce Constant (local)
Introduce Local
Introduce Local (replace all)
Inline Temp
Inline With Statement
Make Explicit
Make Explicit (and Name Anonymous Type)
Make Implicit
Method to Property
Move Declaration Near Reference
Move Initialization To Declaration
Move Type to File
Name Anonymous Type
Property to Method(s)
Remove Assignments to Parameter
Reorder Parameters
Remove Unused Parameter
Replace Temp with Query
Reverse Conditional
Simplify Expression
Split Initialization from Declaration
Split Temporary Variable
Widen Scope
Widen Scope (promote constant)
Widen Scope (promote to field)
Add Block Delimiters
Combine Conditionals
Compress to Lambda Expression
Compress to Ternary Expression
Convert to Auto-implemented Property
Convert to Initializer
Create Backing Store
Decompose Initializer
Decompose Parameter
Expand Lambda Expression
Expand Ternary Expression
Extract Method
Flatten Conditional
Inline Delegate
Inline Temp
Introduce Local
Make Explicit
Make Implicit
Move Type to File
Name Anonymous Method
Name Anonymous Type
Reverse Conditional
Split Conditional
Use String.Format
Use StringBuilder

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  • Most of these should be built in and standard featues in VS for C# and VB.NET

    These will greatly help my work

       Inline With Statement - get rid of 1 and 2 line with blocks.  Unclutters code and unnests code.

       Move Declaration Near Reference - Push variable declaration to innermost scope it is used

      Move Initialization To Declaration - saves hundreds or even thousands of lines in a large application

    It'd be nice to have a refactor 'make property a public member variable' to get rid of all of those 1 line get/set functions.

    'Make method static' would also be of great help.

  • Really, why don't you guys buy JetBrains already and get it over with? :)

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