What didn't get into VB10: a wish-list for future versions of VB

What didn't get into VB10: a wish-list for future versions of VB

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Visual Studio 2010 is almost out the door. Now is a good time to look back at what we didn't get into the language in this release, but would have wanted to, and so will consider for future releases.

Over the coming weeks, each day, I'll blog on blogs.msdn.com/lucian about the ideas on our wish-list, along with our evaluation of them. We have our own thoughts about what are the priorities for the VB language. You'll have your own thoughts - please tell us!

The series starts here:

The Wish-List Introduction...
Req0: Don't add to (or change) the language
Core1: Iterators
Core2: Inline and multi-line comments
Core3: Dynamic pseudo-type (scoped late binding)


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  • Iterators should be a must-have feature.

    The other features are cool, but don't find them to be as important.

  • Hey, I was wondering if VB was a compiled language, or if is made out of raw data constants

  • Iterators ++


  • I also vote for Iterators as the number # 1 feature for the next version of VB. They can be extremly useful in certain situations. I wonder why they have not been implemented yet;)

  • I tried following the instructions for converting a VB6 project to VS2010 VB along with the samples. Specifically the Application Sample showing how to do so. When I select OPEN in VB10 Express, it DOES NOT PERMIT LOADING A VB6.VBP PROJECT FILE. It appears that those samples are for VS8.

  • Fred,

    For earlier versions of Visual Studio the Professional edition is required to migrate VB6 projects. However, as of 2010 the Visual Basic Migration Wizard isn't shipped as part of Visual Studio. One of our partners, ArtinSoft, whose software powered the original migration tool offers a more powerful and feature rich tool called the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion.

    Please refer to this link: msdn.microsoft.com/.../ff793478.aspx for details as well as promo code that would allow you to use a free version of their tool for up to 10,000 lines of code!


    Anthony D. Green | Program Manager | Visual Basic Compiler

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