Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

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Crystal Reports has been a part of Visual Basic since 1993, and a part of Visual Studio since its first release in 2002. Crystal Reports has been a very successful component of these products. With the release of Visual Studio 2010, SAP and Microsoft have mutually decided to change how we deliver this important component to the .NET developer community going forward.


Starting on Friday, April 16th, the beta version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will be available as a separate download from this site.  Just like when Crystal Reports was integrated into the  Visual Studio installation, this download will continue to be free.


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will contain many new features compared to Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.  This blog on the SAP Developer Network goes into more detail on the new features and how they benefit report designers, .NET developers, and report consumers.


Both SAP and Microsoft believe this change in delivery method will allow for faster innovation of our respective products, and more value for our mutual customers. 

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  • Hi,

    could you help me, they sell me 1 year ago Crystal reports 8 for work with Visual studio .Net 2010 but i cant deploy to the client machine, i have several error, with this release "Crystal Reports for VS2010 Beta" That the realy name is V13 (is mess and confusion) I need to uninstall Crystal 8 and then instal this new version, my product licence key is going to work with this new prod software? is any can help me with this matter im realy apreciate.

    Thank you a lot


  • yah too., confuse where to download it for vb 2010

  • How to use VB user functions with in Crystal Reports Formulas

  • Microsoft, make a good reportbuilder yourself! CRYSTAL REPORTS SUCKS BIGTIME!!!!! I Hate it! Working for 4 hours around stupid bugs, SAP SUCKS!

  • Check out these Crystal add-ons (Viewer, Scheduler, and Web Portal) at:

    Great software and great support!

  • Crystal report does not support Khmer Unicode and also the latest version with 2010

    Nobody Known about the solution for 2010 with crystal report............................

  • Is Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 only designed for .Net?

    Can you use it for Visual Basic or is it only deisnged for .Net

    I have tried to use it for vb but it just throws a range of errors and there isn't much help online?



  • hi sir i want to crstal report in window form visual studeo 2010,,

    pl help me,,

    sorry for my bad english

  • i want download crystal report form from inter net.we are trying from since long time but we are enable to get it .so am requesting to help me..... thank u

  • i need to pass two tables in a dataset to a typed dataset in 2010.

    the 2 tables carry similar data one from recipts side and other from paymets side.

    i need to print receipts on left side and paymens on right side of the report.

    when i use only receipt side entries i get correct  number of entries, but if i place payment side fields then i the number of entries gets repeated automatically.

    can anybody help me in using two tables in a dataset and printing simultaneously. thanks.


  • where can i get a crystal report 8.5 for visual basic 2000..thank you:))

  • I everyone, I have been at ease integrating my Crystal Reports with former versions of .net but i am having some trouble with VS 2010. Can someone plz help by providing a sample code?

  • am trying to download 2010 crystal report can anyone allocate me to the best website where i can get one.thank

  • Great post. Here’s a tool to use to create and publish your report online in minutes, without coding. You can create different graphs and

  • Public Class Form1

       Private Sub CalculateButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CalculateButton.Click

           Dim FirstNum As Double

           Dim SecondNum As Double

           Dim Result As Double

           Dim OperFunc As String

           OperFunc = "add"

           If OperFunc = "add" Then

               Result = FirstNum + SecondNum

           ElseIf OperFunc = "subtract" Then

               Result = FirstNum - SecondNum

           ElseIf OperFunc = "multiply" Then

               Result = FirstNum * SecondNum

           ElseIf OperFunc = "divide" Then

               Result = FirstNum / SecondNum

           End If

           ResultTextBox.Text = Result.ToString

       End Sub

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