Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

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Crystal Reports has been a part of Visual Basic since 1993, and a part of Visual Studio since its first release in 2002. Crystal Reports has been a very successful component of these products. With the release of Visual Studio 2010, SAP and Microsoft have mutually decided to change how we deliver this important component to the .NET developer community going forward.


Starting on Friday, April 16th, the beta version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will be available as a separate download from this site.  Just like when Crystal Reports was integrated into the  Visual Studio installation, this download will continue to be free.


Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will contain many new features compared to Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.  This blog on the SAP Developer Network goes into more detail on the new features and how they benefit report designers, .NET developers, and report consumers.


Both SAP and Microsoft believe this change in delivery method will allow for faster innovation of our respective products, and more value for our mutual customers. 

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  • Tried to install Beta CR on XP machine. Receiving not valid for this environment message. Can not fina any help with this error. VS2010 running fine on this machine. Keeping applications which require CR in VS 2008.

  • I installed the cr4vs2010. I am able to make a crystalreport.rpt but cannot find the control CrystalReportViewer in the Reporting category in tool box. plzz help

  • @Jerry Scally: I had this same problem today.  What fixed it for me was renaming the directory at "C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects" to "C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects OLD".  Then I tried installing again and I no longer received the compatibility error.  Everything installed successfully.

    HTH, Craig

  • One way to see if the the CrystalReportViewer control is working is by using the "Crystal Reports Application" template under the VB or C# folders in the Reporting sub folder.  This project template will add a crystalReportViewer control to the application.  You can also post messages on the SAP Crystal Reports format at which Crystal Reports engineers monitor and respond daily.

  • I have been using Crystal report and Visual Studio for more than six years now, upon the release of Visual Studio 2010 I thought I could not use Crystal report in this version of visual studio..but I have found some solution to use Crystal Report in VS2010 as shown int the link below:

  • Although Cyrstal Report is still on its Beta version prior to these posting but it still we can use the power of Crystal Reports and Visual Studio combined makes our application a robust one. I love Visual Studio and Crystal Reports.

  • It there :



  • Ben, in regards to your problem, it is a known issue in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. The work around that was suggested to me is to close the Visual Studio IDE, reopen Visual Studio, reload the Crystal Reports project you just created, and then rebuild the project. Alternatively, you can try using the recently released version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 which should have the fix for your problem.

  • Scott, Crystal Reports 2008 is unfortunately not compatible with Visual Studio 2010. To my knowledge, the only version of Crystal Reports that will be supported for use with Visual Studio 2010 is the recently released Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. You can find more information about the new release at the link Luc provided earlier.

  • 1) Install CRforVS_redist_install_32bit_13_0

    2) Copy missing .dll to BIN

    3) copy craxddrt.dll to BIN

    4) Change version no to required version no of .dll

    Need to restart system

  • Problem :Crystal report for visual studio 2010 not working on webserver

    Solution :

    Install CRforVS_redist_install_32bit_13_0

    Copy missing .dll to BIN

    copy craxddrt.dll to BIN

    Change version no to required version no of .dll

    Need to restart computer

  • Hello, perhaps someone can help me. The print and export button on the crystalreport viewer are no longer working. I may have opened the solution on a web dev express 2010 version instead of my vs 2010 enterprise. Would have that screwed something up?

  • how to crystal reports in 2010

  • Alfonso, Crystal Reports does not integrate with Visual Studio 2010 Express editions, but it should not change things such that your project would not work in supported versions of Visual Studio 2010. If you can post on the SAP forums at about your issue including information such as what versions of Visual Studio and Crystal Reports you have installed, which parts of Crystal Reports are working or not working, and any error messages you encounter, there are SAP support folks who monitor those forums and should be able to assist you with your problem.

  • Pradeep, you can download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 at Once you install that, you will be able to use Crystal Reports in your Visual Basic projects.

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