Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive (Beth Massi, Spotty Bowles)

Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive (Beth Massi, Spotty Bowles)

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I’m back with Spotty Bowles, a tester on the VB compiler team, shows us the ins and outs of how multi-targeting works in Visual Basic projects in Visual Studio 2010 in this Channel 9 interview:

Channel 9 Interview: Multi-Targeting Deep Dive with Visual Basic 2010

What's tricky in Visual Studio 2010 is that there are now two supported versions of the CLR. Spotty shows us how to work with client and full framework profiles in Visual Studio, as well as what happens at runtime when referenced class libraries target a different profile. He also shows us how to use some of the new VB10 language features when down targeting to 2.0, and how to specify down targeting from the build command line.

For more information, check out Spotty's article in MSDN magazine:
Multi-Targeting Visual Basic Applications in Visual Studio

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community

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  • Explain how a UK resident can procure MSDN Magazine from a retail outlet in Scotland because certainly in Scotland it appears that this magazine is currently unavailable (Maybe someone at MS might want to find out about this? Or could it be that your organisation is only interested in on-line/subscriptions, I realise that the vast perecntage of US company probably get thir publications via these two channels.

    However being a contractor who has been unemployable for the past 10 years it is evident that both government and the might of MS ain't much use to me)

  • Hi Simon,

      I'm Diego Dagum, editorial director with MSDN Magazine. As you suggested, the magazine is not sold these days at retail. If you are interested in getting the magazine in a regular basis, find instructions here:

      If you are interested in a single, occasional issue you may eventually get courtesy copies in local events but it depends on availability- no guarantees :-(

      As you said, again, there's a free option but it's only digital (HTML or PDF).

    Best Regards,

    Diego Dagum

    Editorial Director

    MSDN Magazine

  • I just started using Visual Basic for my web site design. Almost after 8 years I am back to Microsoft.

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