Kinect SDK For PC - VB Samples available.

Kinect SDK For PC - VB Samples available.

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Today, Microsoft announced the Kinect SDK for PC


VB Samples are there at launch and available for downloading




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  • Great to see that from launch the VB samples are available. Compliments!

  • Thank you so much for having VB samples also!

  • Thank you, Finally.  I know what i will be doing this weekend.

  • I miss having to port the c# examples to vb....

  • Awesome that VB samples are being made available! Kudos!

  • What's the point if you can't produce commercial software?

  • Thank you guys my course is gonno get even more fantastic

  • Thank you

  • Perfect perfect great to see VB samples

  • Thank you, I love the samples. Microsoft is simply the best.

  • Yeah! Amazing! Now something different happened

  • Wondering why y'all think microsoft is amazing? Because if you are a true coder then slackware is where you need to be at. I saw no VB samples anyways.

  • Thanks for sharing this samples.

  • At Brandon: just go expire in a hole you troll

  • great, thank you

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