*New* video series on Windows Store App development using Visual Basic on Microsoft Virtual Academy

*New* video series on Windows Store App development using Visual Basic on Microsoft Virtual Academy

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Hey VB hackers,

Microsoft Virtual Academy recently published a six-part series all about building modern apps for the Windows Store using your favorite language and staring Visual Basic MVP Bill Burrows and yours truly :)

Microsoft Virtual Academy is a free service available to anyone to sharpen their skills and learn the latest and greatest technologies.

In this series we talk about some of the fundamentals of making applications which take full advantage of all Windows 8 and 8.1 have to offer to create “fast and fluid” experiences for your users as well as how to use new language features added to Visual Basic 2012 that make asynchronous programming for Windows easier than ever before.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Microsoft Virtual Academy or Windows Store App development, now’s a great time to start!



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  • This sounded really promising until I realized you weren't talking about VB but about VB.Net.

    According to the April 2014 Tiobe index, VB6 is the sixth most popular programming language, but VB.Net has never got higher than tenth place.

    When are you going to answer the call on the Visual Studio UserVoice site to bring back an updated VB6 programming language?  It is now the fifth highest vote out of over 8,000.

    We aren't asking for much - just the same 64bit modifications you added to VBA7 - VBA is the same language as VB6 of course - but we certainly wouldn't object to allowing us to develop Windows Store Apps too.

    At least do us the courtesy of replying to the UserVoice call.


    VB6 - the world's favorite Basic language.

  • Without a new version of Visual Basic 6.0 language (Visual Basic 6.X), the BASIC line will go away into the unknown, as it does with VB.NET!

  • thanks for a course on Windows Store Apps in VB.Net, will help a lot.

  • Ditto on the VB6

  • Anyone know what brand and model of All-in-One PCs Bill and Anthony are using in this video?

  • The Visual Basic Team must be proud.


    What better celebration of BASIC's 50th birthday than for Visual Basic 5 to become Microsoft's top language in May 2014 ?  

    Visual Basic 6 has just risen to 5th place in the Tiobe Index of programming language popularity for May 2014

    C# has dropped to 6th, and VB.Net is 11th.

    The Visual Basic Team must be proud.

    Now is the time to bring back an updated VB6:


    VB6 - Microsoft's favorite programming language.

  • And what about developing to Windows Desktop without the needed of the Windows Store? What about WPF and Windows Forms? What about a Windows Setup & Deployment Projects (not the faulty add-in)? What about a decent UI, a decent, usuable and pretty IDE with colors and decent icons?

    Why Microsoft now makes ugly products with less features?

    Windows 8.x is break and faulty. Less features. Where is games, advanced appearance settings, Aero glass, Backup and Restore, Shadows Copies, Start Menu, etc....? Who develop the icons? A baby? Please see the logon icon and the rest and think if this is pretty and decent.

    Windows Phone is break and faulty. Less features. Where are the sync with Exchange notes and tasks, the widgets and the possibility to custome my home screen like in Windows Mobile?

    Office 2013 is plain and ugly. With ALL CAPS Menu, bad constrasts colors and less features like Outlook Macros, Outlook import and export. Why when I save a document go always to Skydrive or Onedrive? Why I need a suscription or the more expensive version to get PowerPivot? Where are the color of notes? The main reason that Microsoft justify to offer this product with less features is "Simplicity": technet.microsoft.com/.../cc178954%28v=office.15%29.aspx

    Microsoft Exchange 2013 has less features too. The Exchange Management Console and Exchange Control Panel is removed and now is only accessed by an ugly web interface. The OWA is ugly too. With less information on screen. More features removed are RPC/TCP access for Outlook clients, Spell check in OWA, Message flags in OWA, Search folders in Outlook and OWA, Managed Folders, Performance monitor and troubleshooter, Routing Log Viewer, can't upgrade Public Folders, no longer have the Public Folder Management Console, you have to use the Exchange Management Shell [EMS] or the new Exchange Administration Center [EAC] to manage PFs.

    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is the only product that really has great new features, very, very, more advantages than previous versions and without modifying the user interface, icons, colors, etc.

  • XBox One is another failure. With and ugly user interface like Windows 8, with less power to game because Microsoft wanted to make a device that conquered the living room, gaming was just an afterthought added in as a gateway drug to entice XBox 360 users. Microsoft made a turkey that no one wanted. The forced bundled Kinect made the vastly inferior gaming platform much more expensive. The whole monetization strategy behind the console would crumble without Kinect so users be damned. And like Windows 8, customers stayed away in droves for all the blindingly obvious reasons. First develop it with the requirement always-on Internet connection that no one users wants, and removes it, second with the Kinnect as part of the console, that only a little users wants, now removes it. Microsoft made a console to make cash, not for gamers, or develop it thinking in games.

    And now, with Microsoft deprecated the best features on his products on benefit on other features that no one wants, what is the future of Microsoft? what is the future of Windows? what is the future of Office, Visual Studio and more?

    Microsoft is forcing Metro on Windows an continuous developing it, also no one user wants it.

    Microsoft is forcing developers to build Windows Store apps that no one developers wants and abandon the best features like WPF, Windows Forms, Silverlight, and more.

    All users  lost trust on Microsoft are uncertainty about continue supporting or using Microsoft products because Microsoft is in silence not telling what about the future of his products and developments.

  • The call for an updated VB6 programming language on the Microsoft Visual Studio UserVoice site has now reached 7,000 votes, making it the fifth most popular out of over 8000.


    VB6 - Microsoft's most popular programming and tutorial language.

  • David Platt has a new article in the MSDN magazine  "VB6 and the Art of the Knuckleball"


    David was also the author of "The Silent Majority: Why Visual Basic 6 Still Thrives"



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