Edit and Continue survey results

Edit and Continue survey results

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Thanks everybody for all the great feedback!

We've received hundreds of replies since last week with detailed information and concrete examples for us to review. We are closing the survey today and have started to process the tons of data you have provided.

The overwhelming majority of you have told us that Edit and Continue is important and you'd like us to make it even better. We asked of the scenarios we'd identified where Edit and Continue is disallowed today how many of you were impacted by which restrictions and here's what you said:

As you can see the most frequently reported problem is that Edit and Continue doesn't allow you to modify or add LINQ queries or lambda expressions.

The good news is that hope to address LINQ and lambdas (and more) in the next release of Visual Studio! In fact, we've investigated what it would take and the work is already underway to make the necessary changes across the Visual Studio debugger, .NET Runtime, and Managed Languages teams to make Edit and Continue play nice with LINQ queries and lambda expressions in vNext.

We'll share more about that and other exciting developments in future posts. Until then, a HUGE THANKS from all of us on the Visual Studio team for helping us figure our what is important to you.



-The Visual Studio team

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  • Great to hear about the lambda support in the debugger! If we get the Roslyn REPL during debug time I would be in heaven.

  • Thanks for listening to the community and building on our needs. You folk on the VB team are awesome.

  • You forgot bring back VB6 64 bits?

  • Could we get lambda expression support in QuickWatch as well?

  • Never been a problem in VB6.

    Bring back the Visual Basic 6 programming language, the only true Visual Basic.


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