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  • Blog Post: What is the difference between VB 9, VBx and Silverlight? (Scott Wisniewski)

    I recently received an email from a customer asking for clarification as to what the difference was between VB 9 , VBx and Sliverlight . In particular, it seems as if we have been releasing so much information about cool new stuff that at least a few people have become confused, making them a bit nervous...
  • Blog Post: Four dynamic languages for .NET interoperating!

    John Lam just posted a screen cast of four dynamic languages interoperating in SIlverlight on the Mac! Check it out!
  • Blog Post: What do the announcements at Mix mean for the Visual Basic developer?

    At the Mix conference today in Las Vegas, Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie were dropping goodies like tootsie pops from a piñata. There was so much packed into their over two hour keynote that I thought it would be useful to distill the announcements down into one bite-sized post that should make for a pretty...
  • Blog Post: So, you're going to Mix?

    Now that Orcas Beta1 is on your machines, we’re trying to finish up the Beta2 version of Orcas to deliver those features you are so eagerly awaiting – features like Group By, explicit Joins, Nullable, keyword Intellisense, and Lambda Expressions. Things are looking very good as you probably witnessed...
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