Announcing the Visual C++ Team Blog

Announcing the Visual C++ Team Blog

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Welcome to the Visual C++ team blog!  As you can tell by the name, this blog will provide commentary from members of the Visual C++ development, test and program management teams.  Our goals are to keep you posted on product planning, feature development and other interesting news from the world of Visual C++.  We’ll do this by introducing you to set of individuals responsible for designing and building the product so they can share their unique viewpoints. 


The posting schedule should be pretty regular.  We’ll probably start out a bit slow, but the frequency is expected to increase as we move forward.


We look forward to your feedback.


The Visual C++ Team

  • Hello I am a student. I would like to know if anyone has visual C++ 6.0 instructions for installing, building, and compiling masm 8.0 16bit and 32bit assembly program.  

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