Information on VC2005 SP1

Information on VC2005 SP1

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Hi, my name is Leslie Giblett and I’m a Release Manager on the Visual C++ team.  As a Release Manager, I am responsible for insuring that the VC++ team releases a high quality product that tracks to our planned schedules. I work closely with our Management, Development and Quality Assurance teams to drive bug fixes and I work with related groups at Microsoft to release our product to customers.  I also develop and maintain project milestones and set release definitions.


Our team is collaborating with the Visual Studio team for the upcoming VS2005 Service Pack (SP1) release.  To keep customers better apprised of the changes, we are sharing the list of Visual C++ bug fixes included in SP1.  Although this is not the final set of fixes, we already have our list of approved bugs and will not be accepting additional requests as part of this Service Pack.  We are in the process of completing the work on these fixes and getting them ready for the Beta release.  The lists below provide information on over 200 bug fixes listed by Bug title and Source ID (which is usually the customer name).  Click on the bug title for a link to the Customer feedback URL.  We hope to continue posting about the upcoming Service Pack - potentially listing QFEs and other fixes that will be included.  The VS2005 SP1 release is a big win for our customers as it contains more fixes than any previous Service Pack. 


Links to the list of fixed bugs can be found here:


   Compiler Back End

   Compiler Front End



Thanks and I hope you find this list helpful.  Look for additional posts on this topic in the coming weeks.


Leslie Giblett

  • Interesting to see that Leslie Giblett, Release Manager on the Visual C++ team is offering specifics...
  • Very nice! Any idea if other teams are going to post lists like these for their portions of Visual Studio or for the core?
  • I love the phrase "The VS2005 SP1 release is a big win for our customers as it contains more fixes than any previous Service Pack". Wouldn't it have been a better "win" for your customers if the product didn't NEED so many fixes?
  • "The VS2005 SP1 release is a big win for our customers as it contains more fixes than any previous Service Pack."

    LMAO.  Nice spin.  Why not say it the way it is:

    "VS2005 was released prematurely and was a big loss for our customers as it contained more bugs than any other product release."
  • VS.Net 2005 is the worst IDE experience for platform software development -- EVER!  It's SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!  It hangs on opening large project.  It hangs on closing large projects.  You're catering to the script kiddies IT developers at the detriment of developers writing native software for Windows.  You guys ought to stop hiring those flunky developers for such important products as Visual Studio and MSDN.  Has Google affected you that much that all your A developers left and you're left with the C developers?
  • Thanks for the info on the upcoming VS 2005 SP1 release. We have found a few of these issues and have been working around them and using a hot-fix for one in particular.

    I've found it to be a good product all-in-all.
    As far as it's being slow - well, you probably need to upgrade to a faster system. I'm not finding it that slow on my 2.4GHz/1GbRAM system. A faster disk drive would help.

    We write native s/w for Windows and have over 50K lines of code in our project. It does take a little longer to load but I've never seen it hang. Again - get a faster system if don't like how long it takes to load.

    I think it's great that you provide this info in your blog. I wish other companies would do the same.

    Ignore all the negativity expressed by others here.
  • I think all people that works developing business application with C++ needs the VS2005 SP1. A compiler that have memory leaks in trivial code is not appropriate for developing application that have to work without stop during months.

    Sorry for my English.
  • Please make sure that this memory leak is part of the bugs we are fixing. If not, feel free to log the issue at with a sample reproducing it.

  • Thanks for your care for fixing bugs.And could you notice a issue on vista that is the msm(crt8.0,mfc8.0,atl8.0)to do something irregular to freeze installer. For example,the VC++ 2005 Redists package has the same issue.
  • That's it?  Wow!  Talk about "resolved" by "postponed" and "maybe later".  Well, should I be grateful it's not three years on like vs2003?
  • Really sad how incapable the Visual Studio team is at releasing service packs - this is a VERY basic metric of a team's health.  IMHO It all comes back to upper management's inability to understand and achive a product's vision.  Lastly, it's just pitiful how poor the quality is in VS 2005 - super potential, yet absolutely craptactular & bugtastic!!!  VS 2005 needed about 6 more months of QA, testing and bug-fixing.  Just my 2 cents.
  • It's all well and good to talk about SP1 for Visual Studio 2005.  However, when can developers expect to be able to access this.  A reasonably firm date would be nice.
  • PLEASE make SP1 available!  Now is good, yesterday would be better.  How about releasing some patches so we can fix some of the more serious problems?
  • The Beta's available now - just announced yesterday on the Microsoft forums

  • "I think it's great that you provide this info in your blog."

    I think this is a nice way to look at it.  I love googling (ha!) for a blog entry to find out what fixes are included.  It's sad that this needs to be released on a blog, thats all.  Maybe the blog is the last hit of honesty?  It shouldn't be.

    VS drives me crazy daily, usually wasting over 1/2 an hour just recovering from it's crashes.  And I'm just doing the managed stuff, I can't imagine what you VC++ guys must be going through.  Anyway, I can't find an actual list of fixes, or I need to sign up for a live account to view this or that, or the link doesn't work, or the hotfix has no download details.  So here I left reading a blog on the wrong product hoping to find some damn information.  

    I am so sick of this #^@!.

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