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February, 2007

  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    STL: Destructor of Bugs

    I'm the newest developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. My true name is Stephan T. Lavavej, but I often use my extremely convenient initials. I moved here at the beginning of this year after working on and finishing Outlook 2007 Search. You know...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Managing a Huge Test Matrix with Automation

    Hi, my name is Matt Travis and I’m an SDET on the Visual C++ Front End team. In addition to my work on the Front End, I’ve been working on an automated rolling test system to help manage the huge test matrix we have in Visual C++. Our next release...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Channel 9: Dive into STL/CLR

    In this new Channel 9 video, Nikola Dudar dives deep into the STL/CLR functionality shipping in Orcas. If you want to take advantage of BCL while using STL syntax and idioms, then this technology is for you. Watch the video or read his previous blog post...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Channel 9: Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow

    Bill Dunlap and Steve Teixeira from the Visual C++ development team talk about product strategy on Channel 9. If you want to know where Visual C++ is heading, then you'll definitely want to watch this interview. Check out the video at http://channel9...
  • Visual C++ Team Blog

    Digging Into Problems

    Hello my name is Steven Toscano , I am an SDET Tech Lead on the Visual C++ team. I am currently working in the IDE group focusing on improving our testing methodologies and expanding our library of tools. I’ve been a member of many teams across Visual...
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