MSDN article: “An Inside Look At The Next Generation Of Visual C++”.

MSDN article: “An Inside Look At The Next Generation Of Visual C++”.

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We just wanted to mention that our own Tarek Madkour has recently written an MSDN article titled “An Inside Look At The Next Generation Of Visual C++”. Tarek is a Lead Program Manager on the Visual C++ team and  has been working on different areas of the Visual C++ IDE and compiler for the past six years. This article discusses “Visual Studio Codename Orcas” features such as:

  • Targeting applications to Windows Vista
  • Enhancements to MFC
  • Preparing applications for User Account Control
  • Marshaling native and CLR types

 We hope you find it an interesting read (the article is currently rating 8 out of 9 on the MSDN quality poll) and please feel free send any questions/comments to us here on the VC Blog!

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  • I read the article. Really glad to MS VC++ team coming back to its roots. Look forward to more such articles.

  • We're as happy on the Visual C++ team to be focusing once again on our roots. Here's the link to a video that explains team's future direction:

  • Good article on the new features of the upcoming Visual Studio.  Can you please comment on any performance enhancements to the IDE that will be made in the next version.  For example:

    Why, when exiting, does Visual Studio need to write 1 byte to the .ncb file at a time?

    Why, when right-clicking, does VS need to read every .vcproj file in the solution?

  • We did fix the 1-byte .ncb file writes in VS Orcas. We are also currently working on some perf improvements to project load that will also go into VS Orcas.

    We are not aware of the .vcproj file reads on right-click. I had a cursory look using procmon and didn't seem to see this behavior while clicking on project files, solution files, cpp files or the text editor. Please contact me at tarekm at microsoft dot com with more details about the issue and I'll be happy to have it investigated.

  • I'm new to programming,but I'm interested in learning to code in C++.I was wondering if there is an available edition of Visual C++ 2005 for Mac OSX or if it's only compatible with the Windows platform?

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