Visual C++ has left the building (well a couple of us will)

Visual C++ has left the building (well a couple of us will)

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Getting out of the office and meeting customers in their own surroundings is something we are always extremely eager to do. Along these lines, Jonathan Caves, Boris Jabes and myself will be heading to Israel at the end of the month for a couple of events being organized by Yosi and other team members in the local subsidiary. Here is a link to the local event page. We would ideally like to meet as many Visual C++ users as possible, so please come along and say “hello”.




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  • Give us a yell when, no, *if*, you're ever headed for Norway. :)

  • In order to find active Visual C++ developers, you may have to search below piles of MSDN Magazine issues containing nothing but .NET technology coverage.

  • Say hi to MainWin for me!

  • Well, seeing the disrespect Microsoft gives to C++ programmers, it takes more than digging in some MSDN Magazine issues...

  • True. Its impossible to track down bugs in MFC in MSDN.

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