"How Do I" Videos

"How Do I" Videos

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A number of “How Do I” videos for native development are now available on MSDN.  These videos are designed to help developers new to Visual C++ 2005 become more productive using the environment.  You can check out this training at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/visualc/bb496952.aspx


The Visual C++ Development Team

  • I look at one of the videos. A guy comes on and says to "use managed code - native code sucks", then flips the camera the bird.

    No, just kidding. It's good to see these native code tutorials come to light. Please keep it going.

  • I would like to see a video on how Tutorial 0: Win 32 basic was create from beginning to end. It shows the code but it doesn't explain how the resources were setup up, configured and added.



  • i am actually in the process of learning c++.And  i keenly interested in vidual c++.

  • Is it just me, or are there broken links for the "Use Remote Debugging in a Windows Console Application?" and "Debug C and C++ Applications?" videos? Neither of those mentions any debugging, instead tehy both point to a video that explains how to create a win32 application. That is nice also, but not exactly what I expected...

  • nice

  • Yes, the links are all dorked up. They clearly point to the wrong videos.

    Good grief. The 3 or 4 employees left at MS that are tasked with C++ related issues must be over-worked or something.

  • We'll have the guys responsible for posting the videos look into this.

    - The Visual C++ Development Team

  • thank you for provide the website for us:P

  • Native Coding Never Dies!

    Really Thank you for these videos.

    Please keep it going

  • Excellent videos! Are there plans to grow these videos similar to those provided for C# ASP.NET development?

  • i am in the process of learning vc++6.0, I am new to vc++. I am familiar with the programming lang but not vc++. i have some files whaich are to be put into a vc++ project and debug,.the files are headers file/.cpp/.lib/.dll/.dsk/.dfm/.bpr/.ico/.ddp/.dfm/.rc  types. I need to putinrto aproject and run this application. will u pls guide me how to put into the project accordingly and group  it.

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