Channel 9: Pat Brenner – Overview of new MFC update

Channel 9: Pat Brenner – Overview of new MFC update

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In this video Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ libraries team, talks about the functionality of the new MFC update.  This significantly enhanced version of MFC will enable developers to create applications with the “look and feel” of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.  Tune in to learn more about these exciting new features.  You can view the video at

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  • I watched the video and you guys have some good stuff coming to MFC!

    Are these new MFC UI controls (Ribbon, VS office demo application, VS UI demo application, etc) dependent on a certain version of Windows?  Do these work on XP and Windows Server 2003?

    Also, what versions of Windows does VS2008 support?  I'm sure you guys must have dropped Windows 98 support, but how about Windows 2000.

    Basically, I'm trying to get a feel for how the new MFC UI controls will work on older platforms, and which platforms are no longer compatible with VS2008.

    Thanks much,


  • All Target OSs supported with VS2008 will be supported with the MFC update. So you should have such features on Win2k and later OSs.


    Ayman Shoukry

  • Just awesome! I really wanted something like that. Great! By the way, I have a couple of question about new MFC features.

    1. Ribbons, customizable toolbars, and docking windows are supported in new MFC. Are they completely *identical* to real ribbons and toolbars which are used in Office and Visual Studio? Otherwise, did you write your own code based on MFC to imitate real ones?

    2. Do these sources (such as ribbons) are open? Since MFC is completely open source, I believe it would be so as well.


  • When are these MFC additions available?  The video used the term "out of band" and "post VS 2008".

    Will these additions ship with VS 2008?  If these are out of band, will they be an add-on for VS 2008 and VS 2005, or just VS 2008?

  • These additions are part of the BCGControlBar library Professional from BCGSoft. Microsoft has licensed (or bought) the library.

    So if you want to play around with it, you can download the trial version of BCGControlBar Professional from

  • Jared: "Out Of Band" means "not in VC9 RTM" and "will be available as a patch against VC9 RTM". The timeframe is Q1 2008.

    You can think of it as "Service Pack 0" (but you didn't hear it from me).  :-)

    There won't be a patch for VC8. TR1 in particular depends on changes made to the VC9 STL that can't ever be made to the VC8 STL (due to binary compatibility). Porting TR1 and the MFC update to VC8 would not be impossible, but it would take significant development work.

    Stephan T. Lavavej

    Visual C++ Libraries Developer

  • I hope this is an optional add-on and the original MFC sources are not being merged with the BCGControlBar. I'm looking forward to the support for the new Vista common dialogs etc., but if you bloat the MFC with this sluggish controls I would rather drop Visual Studio altogether.

    I've tried the BCGControlBar demos with every new release and the quality is abysmal and so is the performance. I don't see this becoming better by renaming the classes.

    So you guys didn't managed to get anything done and then decided way to late to license some controls and to ship them "out of band", which means nothing else than that you are planless.

    Also usually the component vendors ship new versions at least quarterly, how often do you plan do ship updates? Only with every new major Visual Studio release? That's not going to work.

    You've totally lost touch with your customers. It's laughable that there is still no stdint.h

    After all this rants I want to THANK YOU that you haven't bought the controls from one of BCGSofts competitors, so is at least one top notch MFC toolkit left.

    Also once again Microsoft enters a market (components) which should be left to the ISVs. This was yet another anticompetitive move. Shame on you.

    (P.S.: This post only reflect my personal opinion)

  • I would rather use MFC controls from Microsoft than from a third party.  For one thing, I do not have to pay extra.  For another, I know the product will be better supported, tested and will be used by more people.

    Keep up the good work in providing us with these native C++ development tools, Microsoft.  Your investment on MFC will be rewarded, I am sure.

  • There are a couple of libraries that implement Ribbons and advanced UI features such as BCGControls, xTreme Toolkit, and Prof-UI. I don't think that Microsoft bought or licensed from these vendors. It's totally absurd!

  • I second the hope that the new enhancements are not derived from BCG code. I've found that library to be very bloated and unstable.

  • Yes, it's from BCG. Bloated - just like MFC itself. Stable... much more stable than other toolkits out there.

  • OMG I had a look at the demos from BCG ... none of the graphics matches MS 100%. Did you notice the heavy flickering in the ribbon bar control when you click on a button? You should reconsider switching to Codejock's. There you got perfect graphical match and speed!

    Just my 2 cent...

  • Will the new MFC have "sizers"/"layout managers"/whatever?

    To tell the truth, i don't use MFC and will not in the near future, but i'm curious about this.

  • I really like the Visual Studio 2008 MFC. The new improvement is great. When come to advance GUI development, MFC and Win32 is the way to go. The are nothing wrong with .NET,C#,C^, and VB. I do my development on both all platforms.

  • Not sure where to submit requests, so I'm doing it here.  Please add support for tabbed SDI documents too.  Often, I like to display different views of the same document selectable by tabs.  I have had to implement my own tabbed window class to do this.

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