MFC Update Powered by BCGSoft

MFC Update Powered by BCGSoft

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Late last year, the Visual C++ team announced that we would focus more squarely on native code development. One of the areas highlighted in that message was renewed investment in native libraries. We’re pleased, then, to announce the release of the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack!  The Feature Pack is a freely available download to any Visual Studio 2008 Standard or above customer and is fully covered under Microsoft’s standard support policies.  It can be found at

Using this new library, developers will be able to create applications with the “look and feel” of Microsoft’s Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.  Some of the specific features include Office 2007 Ribbon Bar support, Office-style menus, Visual Studio-style docking and auto hide windows, Internet Explorer rebars and much more.

In order to offer such a major update, the Visual C++ team decided to partner with BCGSoft, a leader in professional user interface components for MFC and .NET. After a thorough evaluation we found that BCGSoft had the features, performance, and quality the team was looking for. By building on top of BCGSoft’s BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition, the Visual C++ team has a solid foundation upon which to drive innovation into MFC moving forward.

An important consideration in working with BCGSoft was that their architecture made it easy to integrate into the existing MFC library. During the integration process, senior developers from BCGSoft worked on site with the Visual C++ team to ensure the updated library met the needs of long time MFC users. All the new features have been consolidated into a release that “feels” perfectly natural to MFC developers. Even more important is the ability to quickly take existing MFC code and updated it with new features, such as the Office 2007 Ribbon Bar. 

Developers looking for still more powerful MFC components should take a look at the BCGSoft product line. The BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition, for example, contains sophisticated calendar and day planner controls, a grid control, a report control, and an advanced edit control complete with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense-like functionality. BCGSoft has been working closely with the Visual C++ development team to ensure all their products have high compatibility with the update.


The Visual C++ Development Team

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  • I still prefer Codejocks Xtreme Toolkit.


  • Would you care to elaborate why you prefer Codejocks?

  • I was a long time BCG user, but some years ago I decided to switch to Codejock. Codejock's Office 2003 scheme was much closer to the original than BCGSoft's, and I liked the class layout much better. BCGControlBar was originally developed for Windows 95 and new functions only were added to the library and made it big and clumsy, while Xtreme Toolkit got a fresh rebuild based on XP possibilities. So it was much faster than BCGControlBar. The integration in my code took half of lines than BCGControlBar.

    Besides that Codejock is constantly introducing new technologies under the hood and rewrites some internal parts of the library if it is needed and makes the code or the painting faster. It's easy to store the settings in registry, in INI or XML files. In my BCGControlBar times I checked their CBCGXMLSettings, it was horrible slow. Codejock uses the MSXML parser instead and their implementation is really fast.

  • Just care for the grid control, why doesn't VC++ team integrate the grid control into VC2008 feature pack?

  • I've used both BCG and CodeJock. I found CodeJock to be vastly superior to BCG. The underlying code was less buggy and better architected. BCG required that a large portion of the library be linked in, whereas CodeJock would use just that portion I needed. In one case, I was able to switch an application from using plain old MFC to CodeJock with a few lines of code. BCG required extensive changes to my code.

    That aside, putting the BCG library in the MFC DLL was amazingly shortsighted. If anything the MFC DLL should have been trimmed down.

    (As for a grid control; Outlook uses a control called "supergrid", why isn't that published?)

  • After 10 years without updates I can't believe MS licensed a third party toolkit for this - and not the most reputable either. I hate to bitch about about a new release I should be excited about, but come on!

    This all reeks of bad structural planning at MS. Look, you should implement new controls _once_. First use them for your own apps, then release them (after a year or so) as native code, then put the .net toy wrapper around them. That way you would 1) use much less company resources 2) deliver way more robust code (fix bugs and security leaks in _one_ place) 3) have a steady stream of updates keeping the "developers, developers developers!" happy on both C++/C#/whatever.

    Rethink your strategy before it's too late. Apple and Linux is reeling you in as we speak.

    Please excuse the rant, I know it's probably out of your hands. I will give it a fair try and hope for the best.

  • hi!

    i'm very disappointed.How can be possible after 10

    years from 1998 when was launched VC++ 6.0, this

    version of VC++ which have 6 service pack to be the best version of microsoft c++ compiler?

    Some reasons:-good support for ActiveX technology,

    good ODBC classes, many good books for this

    version of c++.C++ managed was a fiasco, ADO.NET

    is very slow compared with native code, but

    many possibilities(why i haven't the simplicity of

    ADO.NET in VC++).Why Borland C++ Builder is

    a true RAD and VC++ is a bad RAD?

    Our team working closely for c++ programmers?

    why a team version of Visual C++ doesn'y contains same controls as Microsoft applications?Why I haven't a chart control in VC++ 2010?Why DirectShow isn'y a mature technolgy?Why a good student must learn C# or Java(bad languages) and not Visual C++ and a good library or framework to implement and develop c++ algorithms for interfaces,for people?

  • Ok, a couple of points here.

    1. Yes, the CodeJock MFC library is superior to what's being produced by BCGSoft in almost every respect. The fact that MS couldn't (or didn't) figure this out and license the correct product speaks volumes to me about their engagement with (and commitment to) VC++.

    2. MS is presenting an *incredibly* confusing picture with regard to developing rich client software apps for the Windows platform. It's almost impossible to determine what mix of technologies should be used to develop an application, as MS changes focus from one shiny object to the next.

    3. Many of us appreciate Microsoft's sentiment that they are re-investing in native code development. It's taken FAR too long to realize this is needed. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be taking this commitment seriously.

    4. Those of us doing real-world commercial VC++ development have already moved on. In our case, we're using a mix of CodeJock and Boost (for library support), Visual Assist (for intellisense / refactoring), etc. Stop waiting for MS to cough up this stuff - it's already been done (very well, I might add).

    5. MS has already mangled the release of the new MFC Feature Pack. See the latest posting in the VC++ blog for details.

  • Mittlerweile ist das MFC Feature Pack und somit auch die TR1 Implementierung im finalen Release im Web

  • I also like Codejocks Xtreme Toolkit than BCGSoft.

  • I am using the feature packs from MS based on BCGSoft. I found a lot of bugs. BCGSoft does not look like a professional comp. as MS-MFC team stated. Its just provides the easy way for MS to intergrate its products to MFC libraries.

  • Hello empkey,

    We will be more than happy to work on fixing the issues you are facing with the feature pack. Please feel free to log the issue through

    Thanks in advance for helping us improve.


    Ayman Shoukry

  • is codejock XTREME enough for you though? If I have to write XTREME toolbars I'd just start crying... I've been using BCGPro for years and years without any problems, I'm sure there's alternatives, even XTREME ones (lol), but that doesn't mean that bcg is bad.

  • Many developers say that it only supports the English version. Is it sure?!

  • Hi cnhome,

    Yes, the feature pack is an ENU (English) release only. All features included will be rolled into SP1 and at that moment all VS Languages will be supported.


    Ayman Shoukry

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