Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Refresh

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Refresh

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Per our previous announcement regarding the Feature Pack deployment & setup issues, we have subsequently released a refresh of the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack. You can obtain the refresh from Here is a summary of the issues that were fixed as part of the refresh effort:




Feature Pack failed to install on German OS or English OS with German locale.




VCRedist_x86.exe failed to install on Vista and Windows Server 2008


VCRedist_x86.exe installs the ATL and OpenMP assemblies with the wrong processor architecture, which will cause ATL and OpenMP applications targeting x86 to fail.



MFC & CRT .manifest files located under Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\redist had older manifest versions





If you installed the original version of the Feature Pack (binary version = 9.0.30304.0), we strongly recommend you uninstall that version and install the new bits. To uninstall the older bits,


·         (On Vista and Windows Server 2008) Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features, click on “View Installed Updates” in the “Tasks” panel at left.

·         (On other operating systems) Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs, check the “Show Updates” checkbox at the top of the page.


o   Uninstall the design time components

Expand the group for your Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installation to show all updates, uninstall the Update Roll Up for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 –ENU(KB945273) and Update Roll Up for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 –ENU(KB947886). You may have only one update (KB945273) to uninstall if you do not have 64-bit VC components installed on your machine.


o   Uninstall the runtime components

Under the group “Visual C++ 9.0”(expand it if needed), uninstall “Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack - x86 - v9.0.30304.00” and “Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack - x64 - v9.0.30304.00”. You may have only the x86 runtime to uninstall if you do not have 64-bit VC components installed on your machine.



Ayman Shoukry

Visual C++ Development Team

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  • Da es einige Installationsprobleme mit dem neuen Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack gibt (besonders in Deutschland),

  • Is there or will there be a downloadable, offline version of the TR1 and MFC update documentation for the Feature Pack?

  • Aggiornamento per il Visual C 2008 Feature Pack

  • Do I need to recompile/link all my libraries (boost for example) and exe's to the "new" runtime components?

  • Hello Koby, the offline version of the documentation will be available with the VS2008 SP1 update.

    Hello Grodon, you don't need to recompile your older applications unless you will be making use of the new feature pack features in which you will need to rebuild.


    Ayman Shoukry

  • Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Releaseが更新されて公開されています。

  • Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Releaseが更新されて公開されています。

  • The new installer is crashing for me. I removed the previous feature pack installation, as per the instructions on this blog post, and then tried to install the refresh.

    I find this error in the installation log file:

    Exe (c:\dd06f0bf0ff496a3b1abac8fb2ed\VC_x86Runtime.exe) failed with HRESULT 80070643

    [4/24/2008, 16:1:35] (IronSpigot::ExeInstallerBase::PerformAction) PerformOperation returned 0x80070643

    [4/24/2008, 16:1:35] Action complete

    [4/24/2008, 16:1:35] (IronSpigot::LogUtils::LogFinalResult) Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), Fatal error during installation.

    [4/24/2008, 16:1:35] Action complete

  • Re: Thursday, April 24, 2008 12:07 PM by Big E

    Installation failed with error code: (0x80070643), Fatal error during installation.

    Big E,

    Could you please check the the %temp% folder for detailed logs? Those log should indicate what the problem is.

    If detailed logs do not exist, you can enable verbose logging by setting the following two registry values:




    And then re-try installing the Feature Pack.


    George Mileka

    Visual C++ Libraries

  • Excellent - thanks for the quick repair job.

  • During installing the featurePack I got the hint :

    'None of the products that are addressed by this sw update are installed on this computer.'

    But I'd installed VS2008 Prof. ?

    What's going wrong,



  • when will it support vs2008 simplefied chinese?

  • I tried the original vcredist_x86.exe and now this one and I get a bunch of files left at the root of the install drive:

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      3,820 eula.1028.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     15,428 eula.1031.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     10,058 eula.1033.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     12,246 eula.1036.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     13,912 eula.1040.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      5,868 eula.1041.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      5,970 eula.1042.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     10,134 eula.1049.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      3,814 eula.2052.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM     12,936 eula.3082.txt

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      1,110 globdata.ini

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM    562,688 install.exe

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM        843 install.ini

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     76,304 install.res.1028.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     96,272 install.res.1031.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     91,152 install.res.1033.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     97,296 install.res.1036.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     95,248 install.res.1040.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     81,424 install.res.1041.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     79,888 install.res.1042.dll

    04/11/2008  10:09 AM     93,200 install.res.1049.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     75,792 install.res.2052.dll

    04/11/2008  08:03 AM     96,272 install.res.3082.dll

    04/11/2008  10:07 AM      5,686 vcredist.bmp

    04/11/2008  10:09 AM  3,797,292

    04/11/2008  10:11 AM    233,472 VC_RED.MSI

    I can live with this on my development system, but this isn't acceptable for a customer system...

  • Hi almidi,

    Could you post the VS version you used? Also, is it an ENU version of VS that you are using?


    Ayman Shoukry

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