Interesting Visual C++ Resources

Interesting Visual C++ Resources

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A few weeks ago the Visual C++ team delivered two days of technical content to developers down in Northern California.  At this event, we mentioned a large number of useful resources.  We thought we’d take the opportunity to pass them on to readers of the blog as well.  Hopefully you’ll find them valuable.


Debugging Tips & Tricks

¡  Debugging blogs


¡  Good books

Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications by John Robbins.  This book has a lot of great information in it about debugging in general, not just about debugging managed code.

¡  Finding COM pointers on the stack


¡  Retail code debugging


¡  Getting crash dumps before Windows Error Reporting (WER) sends them off


¡  Gadgets for Window Error Reporting (WER)





¡  Concurrency developer center (very managed-focused today, but you’ll see a lot more native shortly)

¡  Native concurrency blog 



¡  VC++ 2008 Feature Pack download


¡  Pete Becker’s book: The C++ Standard Library Extensions: A Tutorial and Reference


¡  Channel9 VC++ videos    

¡  VC++ Libraries forums

¡  C++ Standard


¡  TR1 Standard


¡  MSDN article



New MFC Features

¡  VC++ 2008 Feature Pack download


¡  MSDN article


¡  VC++ Libraries forums

¡  Channel9 VC++ videos

¡  BCGSoft




¡  Phoenix


¡  Forum


¡  Channel 9



And there always are the general Channel 9 videos on VC++  




-          The Visual C++ Development Team

  • I think there is no forums for VC Libraries or VC IDE. Everything goes to VC General except syntax questions, which goes to VC language.

  • UCanCode XD++ Diagrammer Library is a full VC++ / MFC based source code kits that designed to add interactive diagramming - related functionality to Web and Client applications. with XD++ diagrammer you can easily build Visio 2007 / ILog View like applications.

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  • Nice to see the updates.



  • A chapter about debugging heap corruption is available at:


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