Ribbon UI

Ribbon UI

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For those interested in using the Ribbon UI, take a look at the just published guidelines at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc872782.aspx


  • Tras el patinazo de ayer (resulta que todos los mensajes sobre la duración de la batería eran del mismo

  • It's still unclear to me exactly what IP rights Microsoft is claiming to have over the Ribbon UI:

    The license FAQ says that "We are not licensing any code at this time", which means it's not a copyright license.

    Sec 3d of the license says "This license grants you no rights to use specific Microsoft trademarks", so it's not a trademark license.

    That leaves patents.  But Microsoft hasn't actually said that they have any patents on the Ribbon UI.  Jensen Harris claimed on his blog that there are patent applications pending, but that's a long way from actually having an approved and court-tested patent.

    So, while I'm not a lawyer, it seems to me that Microsoft is trying to get people to agree to license IP rights that at this point are at best speculative.

  • Well, thank you for mentioning that. Perhaps I should think twice before starting with the Ribbon (which MUST be capitalized!!!) then. IF I start with the ribbon, that is.

  • Being a discussion of Ribbons in MFC VS2008, you'd think some familiarity with Visual Studio would be assumed.  Sadly, this is not the case:

    "Minimal customization. While menu bars have a fixed presentation, many toolbars are quite customizable, allowing users to set locations, sizes, and contents. A Ribbon itself is not customizable, but the Quick Access Toolbar provides limited customization."

    A neat trick would be to find the person who wrote that article, open their copy of Visual Studio, select Tools->Customize, and start rearranging menu items (and menus themselves).  They'll never be able to put them back, knowing as they do that menus aren't customizable.  Or maybe the author doesn't even use Visual Studio?

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