Visual Studio 2010 CTP released

Visual Studio 2010 CTP released

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We are very pleased to announce that we have released Visual Studio 2010 CTP at the PDC today. See our earlier posts on this topic. The goal of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) is to obtain feedback from you on the new scenarios that we have enabled. We have defined step-by-step walkthroughs to help you discover these new scenarios. You can learn more about the CTP, get a link to the download and engage in a conversation with the team from here.


There are many new improvements to Visual C++ that we are excited to announce.


What's new in Visual C++ (CTP)

o    MSBuild Support for Visual C++

o    IntelliSense and Browsing Experience

·         Improved Responsiveness and Scale

·         Improved Accuracy and Robustness

o    C++0x Features

·         Lambda Expressions

·         Rvalue References

·         static_assert

·         auto Keyword

o    MFC Improvements

·         Task Dialog Support

·         Restart Manager Support

o    Deployment

·         New deployment model for Visual C++ Libraries (changed to not use Windows SxS configuration)


We want to hear from you! Please consider these walkthroughs as a hand-held guide to use this release. The walkthroughs are:

o    What’s New in Visual C++ (CTP)


o    Walkthrough: Using MSBuild to Create a Visual C++ Project

o    How to: Add a Build Event to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Add a Custom Build Step to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Add Custom Build Tools to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Create a Project-to-Project Reference

o    Walkthrough: How to Create a Custom Platform

o    Walkthrough: How to Create Custom Property Pages

o    Walkthrough: How to Use the C++ MSBuild Project System

o    How to: Upgrade from Earlier Versions to Visual C++ 10


o    Walkthrough: Adding a Task Dialog to an Application

o    How to: Add Support for the Restart Manager


o    Walkthrough: Deploying a Visual C++ Application


Please use the Visual C++ CTP forums to provide feedback on the CTP itself. Of course, you can use the Connect website to report bugs. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Thank you,

Vikas Bhatia

Visual C++ Team


Note: The CTP is not available for download anymore

  • It definitely seems that IDE is going WPF - see this stream around 01:28:00. (The VS2010 bits available today aren't fully WPFized yet.)

    I have a question for VC developers at MS: how many of you are actually using the IDE for coding?

  • What support will offer for database programming,

    web programming using native code?

  • hi,

    very nice talk about the Visual Studio 2010 features.

    But one question that bugs me since VS 2005 is: When will the default runtime iterator range checking for release builds be completely disabled. There is quite a large performance impact when using the current default setting. In every project i use and every dependency i have to set _SECURE_SCL=0 to disable it for release builds.

    So will this be disabled by default for release builds in VS 10?

  • ChrisLux:

    Don't count on that ever happening. You're not the first to argue for this, but it's security!

    Never mind that the net effect of this "feature" is to drive a lot of people away from the STL entirely, and back to C-isms like raw arrays and char* for strings thus probably causing *less* robust and secure software to be written, or that the way it's implemented is just *begging* for subtle ODR violations, especially when linking to 3rd party libs, causing fun fun unpredictable crashes.

    The important thing is that the VC++ team can *say* that they take security seriously. Look, we've got a bullet-point feature saying we've made a specially secure version of the standard library! Can we have a raise now please? ;)

    (Seriously though, couldn't you have found a less intrusive way of enabling this stuff? An extra template argument with a default value, perhaps? Something that could be toggled on and off locally, and didn't break the ODR rule if you link to a library or translation unit that had a different setting)

    I think this one is a lost cause. At least if you use property sheets it's fairly easy to define this macro yourself for all your projects. :)

    Not an optimal solution, but I doubt we're likely to see the situation improved any time soon.

    Ten years ago, "proprietary" was a magic word that, when invoked, could completely freeze Microsoft. Once something was proprietary, *nothing* could be changed, lest competing products might start actually competing.

    Today, "security" has taken on that role. Once the magic word has been invoked, it's impossible to get Microsoft to reconsider or backtrack. It doesn't matter whether what they're doing is actually secure, but if they *say* it is, that's the end of the discussion. You can't argue with the magic word.

    Apart from that, VS2k10 looks pretty sweet, and I'm having good fun with the new VC++ build engine and the C++0x features. Nice job there. :)

  • public c++ compiler's interface

    for example:

    int main( int argc, char * argv[] )


       std::string str("int main( int argc, char * argv[] ){ return 0;}");

       std::string strObjectFile("first.exe");

       convert(str.c_str(), strObjectFile._c_str)//this is your public c++ compiler's interface

       return 0;


  • public c++ compiler's interface

    for example:

    int main( int argc, char * argv[] )


       std::string str("int main( int argc, char * argv[] ){ return 0;}");

       std::string strObjectFile("first.exe");

       convert(str.c_str(), strObjectFile._c_str)//this is your public c++ compiler's interface

       return 0;


    send doc to

  • public c++ compiler's interface

    for example:

    int main( int argc, char * argv[] )


       std::string str("int main( int argc, char * argv[] ){ return 0;}");

       std::string strObjectFile("first.exe");

       convert(str.c_str(), strObjectFile._c_str)//this is your

    public c++ compiler's interface

       return 0;


    send doc to

    Thank your!

  • could anyone from the visual C++ stl team say something regarding the checked iterators in VC10?


  • I downloaded the .r files from exe part 1 to 11. When running the exe to extract the rest of the files. Reaching .part10.rar, an error appears.

    CRC failed in VisualStudio2010CTP.vhd, i re-ran the exe and it errors out a the same .rar.

    I re-downloaded *.part10.rar again, and try again, same issue.

    Any feed back? Thank you.

  • unfortunately in the new CTP- Oct Vs 2010, the toolbox in wf or wcf is missing for 4.0 attributes.(like new rules, flow chart etc.)



  • Hello

    Re comment: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 12:31 PM by int19h

    “Definite claim of C++0x support in VS2010 is wonderful news; I can't wait to play with the lambdas. A question, though: will the rest of C++0x be coming in the final version? Specifically, concepts?”

    We posted another thread specifically on the C++0x features implemented in our CTP and our thoughts about our future  C++0x work (int19h: I see you have already posted there); can I point others at this other post for C++0x questions - so we answer them all in one place.



  • Hello

    Re: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 2:22 PM by phrosty:  “the source code is fairly clean and easy to understand, but i'd really like to see some full documentation of the parallel library. thanks for the renewed native C++ effort guys, it really means a lot!”

    We have blogged about this before so at the risk of repeating ourselves, there is ConcRT/PPL blog with some information on it at:  (and you can always ask questions there too!)



  • Regarding the deployment questions, we moved away from using the windows SxS model. We are using a similar mechanism to the VS2003 deployment model. Per previous versions, we will sport both static & dynamic linking to the CRT. For dynamic linking, the loading sequence will be:

    [Updated: Damien 10/20/2009]

    1) Search in the local directory (AppLocal)

    2) If not found, search for the CRT in the System directory (System32)

    3) If not found, search in the path.

    The CTP inludes a detailed walkthrough of the deployment options



  • I've seen lots of new things added to C++ IDE with VS 2008 and VS 2010.

    Is there any chance you will be able to blog about the speed improvement in compiled code?  This is of primary importance to us and much much less important than improvements in the IDE.

  • Same issue crc corrupt is there any workarround?

    I too re downloaded, but not working

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