Channel9: Amit Mohindra - VS2010 CTP “10 is the new 6”,

Channel9: Amit Mohindra - VS2010 CTP “10 is the new 6”,

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Amit has just done a Channel9 video on the VS2010 CTP, around our theme of “10 is the new 6”, please stop by and have a look:



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  • Colour me very unimpressed. How many times can someone say "err" per minute?

    Also how many times can you say "very cool"?

    On a more serious note:

    What about fixing some of the serious niggles:

    1) Performance. VS 2008 is still sloow, even though it's better than the mess that VS 2005 was.

    2) Annoying bugs/issues - I noticed this during the video:

    a) WHY OH WHY, Do projects still build at warning level 3 by default rather than 4. You MUST fix this. It was tolerable in VC++6 when a number of your own headers (eg STL) didn't compile clean at level 4, but in 2008/9??!?

    b) Likewise, another annoying bug thats been around since VS 2003: Rebuild a solution from scratch, hit debug and chances are, the IDE will tell you that the solution is not fully built and will ask you (pointlessly) if you want to rebuild?!? How come the dependency thing is so broken?!?

    Without fixing niggles like this that have been around for years and years and years, 10 will not be a fast productive environment. I'm not disputing that 2008 isn't better in most ways than VC ++ 6, but it's terrible the number of bugs that have been around for years (like the ones above) that have still (even in VS 10 by the looks) not been addressed, while instead "fluffing" up the IDE.


  • Couple of years ago,there were rumors/talks about Orcas+1 (which is now VS10) would have a compiler backend reimplemented  and based on Phoenix. It does not sound like this is going to happen now. I hope  the projects is not cancelled, would be pity, as Phoenix is cool. At least it was as I looked at it last time.

  • It looks like that 10 is not a new 6 at all.VS10 is just another clone of old devenv.exe, like vs200x.

    I know Visual Studio team has change its program manager after the successful IDE VS6, the IDE become slow,big, eat more memory, and seems you don't want to improve it.

    No one care about you guys rewrite IDE using latest WPF or other technology, we just want a clean&quick IDE.

  • Everyone says that the VS IDE is to slow and what does the VS team do - rewrite it in WPF. DevDiv, get over it, WPF was DOA and won't make VS any better.

    I'm looking forward to Direct2D controls but not WPF.

    And what's up with all the promises that were made for Orcas+1? VS2010 will just be yet an other reiteration of VS. All the problems and limitations of VS2005 will still be in VS2010.

    Will you separate the MFC and BCG stuff in VS2010? Let me guess, no.

    VS2010 won't be the next 6, it will be VS2008 R2.

  • We have been waiting almost 10 years since 1999's VS 6 release for faster/smaller generated machine code for C++.  It generated machine code performance improvement a focus for Visual Studio 10?

  • I'm kinda disappointed too.

    I hoped to see a lot more of improvements in VC10.

    IMO WPF not only wont solve any problem but it also slow down the IDE startup and increases memory consumption (I hope it wont).

  • I _REALLY_ hope that MS take note of our negative comments here and start actually addressing the issues that matter. It's pretty clear from the direction that most of our comments are taking that they need to think again about what they are proposing for VS 2010 and get back to basics and fixing:

    1) Performance.

    2) Performance of generated code.

    3) Documentation and support.

    4) Many of the long standing bugs/issues (eg my comments re warning level 3/4), that have been around for eons.

    It appears that lipservice is being paid to this.


  • @Mike Diack:

    You can read the musings of "the only VS Chief Architect" here:

    His main bullet points are extensibility and modern looks. Not promising.

  • I just wanted to publically say thanks to Damien for calling me to chat about this personally, 1 to 1 on the phone. It was much appreciated and sounds like MS is more in sync with our needs/wants than perhaps is clear from some of the posts.

    I still stand by my views/comments but based on the chat it sounds like MS are determined to resolve at least some of them.


  • I also, really really want fast IDE. But it seems not going to happen. Perhaps in 2012 or so VS will look like Halo, so all developers have to buy NVIDIA GeForce10?

  • I hoped to see a new (maybe XML based) GUI library and VS designers so that I wont be forced to WPF and managed world.


  • I hope the new IDE has 'Delete' function.

    VC++ 6.0 has the function at the Class View. But the others have not that function.

    Please insert the 'Delete' function (delete member function and variable)

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