Soma Blog: VC++ Enhancements in VS 2010

Soma Blog: VC++ Enhancements in VS 2010

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Recently, Soma, Vice President for the Microsoft Developer Division, blogged about the enhancements of Visual C++ in VS 2010.  Please check out what he has to say and feel free to leave comments for him on our upcoming release.  You can find this blog at

 Kelly Evans

Visual C++ Development Team

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  • Visual C++ in VS 2010 clever article.

  • I'm so freakin' glad that you decided to do this. Are you guys going to add a res editor (or better the current one)?

  • Does Intellisense pay attention to .set files included on the command line through?

    Example: @CompileOptions.set

    The defines in CompileOptions.set are ignored by intellisense in VS 2005.  Was this fixed in VS 2008?  If not, can we get a fix in VS 2010?

  • Hello, who do I blog to get three feature requests added for the C++/CLI language?  I would like them implemented before someone in the VB/C# group like it and scoop the C++/CLI team.  I think the first feature would be stupidly simple and could be added quickly; and I think that most programmers would like it; there's always a few that have an opinion.  The second and third feature; Well, I won't tell you which programming language I got the idea from (most programmers would probably cringe at the thought of getting something from that language; but other old-timey C/C++ programmers probably used that language).

    Well, I believe that is enuff for now.  Please reply quickly and let's scoop those other teamers; you know who I'm talking about.

    I appologize in advance if I ruffled anyone's feathers.

    Thank you,

    Richard Green

    A C/C++ diehard.

  • Hello

    You can submit suggestions (as well as bugs) on



  • Fix ur damn broken intellisense first (How come i nv see my comment?"

  • Hello

    Thanks for taking the time to post and providing us with your feedback. IntelliSense is a major complaint we hear from many customers. For example if you look at this thread on a posting by Soma ( you can find in Bill Dunlap’s response:

    “1) IDE performance/scalability - we hear you loud and clear.  This is something we absolutely are looking to address in Orcas+1.  We know that many of you are working with MLOC and we need to update the IDE to support this better.

    2) IntelliSense isn't very good - we are working on this one as well.  As indicated previously, our goal is to provide a "C#-like" IntelliSense experience in Orcas+1.  We working on a front-end parser re-architecture right now that will facilitate this (and a whole lot more)” – by the way Orcas +1 now means VS2010.

    And we are on track to deliver the new architecture in VS2010. In fact Boris spoke about and demonstrated this work at the PDC recently, This has also recently been covered by another Soma posting: “The IntelliSense engine, which powers the majority of the IDE features, received a major architectural overhaul with a sharp focus on eliminating inefficiencies that surface when dealing with large codebases.  A prime example of this is that the IDE remains responsive even while editing source files in very large codebases.  Source edits no longer trigger massive updates of the symbol database even with the most complex source dependencies.  Visual C++ developers who often edit header files deep down in the include hierarchy or switch project configurations will notice the huge improvement in IDE responsiveness.” (

    Unfortunately the fix really did need a “major architectural overhaul” and this takes time/effort. We are looking forward to your responses to new engine in VS2010!



  • Thank you Damien for your suggestion.  I did post a suggestion at the connection.

    Thanks again,

    Richard Green

  • Hello Richard

    Re: Saturday, December 13, 2008 8:34 AM by Richard Green

    > Thank you Damien for your suggestion.  I did post a suggestion at the connection.

    Many thanks for doing that. We will take a look next week, of course I cannot commit to anything or any timeframes however if you never ask for something it is unlikely you will every get.



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