VC9 SP1 Hotfix For The vector<function<FT>> Crash

VC9 SP1 Hotfix For The vector<function<FT>> Crash

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Back in August, I blogged about the TR1 fixes in VC9 SP1.  An observant reader, grokbrsm, commented that vector<function<FT>> was broken by VC9 SP1.  A hotfix for this bug is now available:


Here is the updated link to download the hotfix:;wa=wsignin1.0

This hotfix actually fixes 5 bugs:


1. function<FT>::swap() was broken by the Small Functor Optimization in VC9 TR1 (the Feature Pack).  This broke vector<function<FT>> in VC9 SP1.  "Broken" meant "compiling but crashing".


2. vector<pair<X, string>> nonconformantly required X to have a default constructor.  (This is a specific example of a general bug: vector<pair<string, X>>, vector<pair<X, vector<int>>>, etc. were also affected.)


3. vector<tuple<X, Y, string>> nonconformantly required X and Y to have default constructors.  (This is a specific example of a general bug, see above.)


4. vector<array<X, N>> nonconformantly required X to have a default constructor.


5. Random distributions were broken, triggering infinite loops and emitting bogus results.


If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them in the Comments.


Stephan T. Lavavej

Visual C++ Libraries Developer

  • @Damien - Any update on this hotfix and whether the symbol servers will be updated as well once it is finally available again?

  • Is the MFC Feature Pack supported by anybody at Microsoft?  There doesn't seems to be any central area to direct support issues to.  Any forum or blog posting is dated well over 10 months old..

  • will that hotfix ever be hotfixed? if there's no other hotfix then at least please leave that one linked, some people do rely on it.

    i was lucky enough to get the hotfix when it was still up here, and it did fix vector<function> issues for me. unfortunately i can't pass the link on to other people who might be playing with the same code, and might be ending up with corrupted binaries...

    thanks for your efforts in the C++ area of VS, they are much appreciated.

  • Back in December, I blogged about a hotfix for the vector&lt;function&lt;FT&gt;&gt; crash in VC9 SP1.

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